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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 7 Highlights

It's kind of ironic that the man you almost beat up to death is the one who can lead you to find your daughter.

Yes, the man is the father of the little girl who is currently staying at the hospital and the one who gave the whistle to Hae Sung. 

Luckily the man came back and when he found out that the whistle was the one he gave to his daughter, he knew then that he has somehow found her. Helping Hae Sung on the motorcycle he speed up towards Mirae hospital.

Ddol Mi who was waiting impatiently and worriedly outside with So Yool were the first one to see Hae Sung unconscious. Ddol Mi was crying as she tried to wake him up. 

He was rushed inside. Even Woo Jin and Chief Kang rushed to where he was. 

They looked at the result of the x-ray and found out nothing to be alarmed about except for the open wound he got on his chest. Both Chief Kang and Woo jin were called by the Director so Ddol Mi was left to do the suture on his wounds.

I think episode 7 is where the real romance started between these two. Ddol Mi is beginning to see him as a man while Hae Sung is finding her cute. She poked and poked as she could not help but admire his physique. 

She was so busy thinking of him as a man that she was surprised when he suddenly speak. I laughed at how she let out a yelp and almost run out of the room. He even teased her about sexual harassment if she would not stitch his wounds after she poked him here and there. 

Somehow, it was a breather in the drama and let me enjoy some romance at least.
The director is still adamant on closing the hospital despite of the patients relying on them. He is really prioritizing what he could get and not what he could do to save lives. He told both Chief Kang and Woo Jin about it and that she is still the one responsible for the outcome after the disaster cleaned up.

Firefighters arrived at the hospital because they were told that they can camp out and stay there. The director was not pleased and denied them the request. 

Goo Ja Hyuk arrived and spoke with the director. He promised him government aid. I detest the director for being so cunning and fake. He is only there for support because of what he can have. Of course, Ja Hyuk threatened that he will take the VIP minister with him and transfer him to another hospital if the director will not abide. It was like the  magic words. He even consent to an interview showing how Mirae is cooperating with the government during this times.

I find it cute how Ddol Mi thought that Dae Gil likes her when he gave her chocolate bar not knowing of course that those came from Hae Sung. She keeps on pestering Dae Gil about it but he does not know why.

She was so sleepy that Hae Sung let her sleep on his bunk. He also told her to eat with the box of chocolates and coffee under the bed. 

That's when realization hits Ddol Mi. Funny. She is becoming conscious of Hae Sung. 

She even looked for him when she woke up. Found it a bit jealous when she saw his coat besides Ji Na. Then Hae Sung came and Ji Na thanked him for putting the coat on her. The camaraderie of the two made Ddol Mi feel out of place. 

Another funny thing was that when nurse Kim Hyun Sook teased her about smelling like Hae Sung. Well, she did sleep on his bunk. And Ji An also saw her there.

The cliffhanging ending of the episode is about finding a 7 year old boy, but he already passed away. Choi Il Sub, the fireman went to see Chief Kang to let her know about it and to know if the boy was her child.

Ja Hyuk learned about it when he was alone with her. 

They embraced but he promised to look out for him, too. They could not give up now. Both have so much responsibilities on their shoulders towards other people that it is seriously painful to deal with their own problems.


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