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Friday, October 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Cheer Up Episode 1 Highlights

Another school life drama. 
Two groups.

Students who are passionate about dancing but no interest in studying hard.

Oh, I see a familiar bad student from Angry Mom...

Seo Ha Joon, BFF to Kim Yeol

The brainy ones...

Kang Yeon Do and Kim Yeol

Both leaders. Kim Yeol currently number 1 in the school.

Two groups that can not stand each other...

Currently number two and sadly won't ever be enough for her mother.

Kwon Soo Ah

They were supposed to be friends...

The cutest OTP in the making...
they look good even if they are like cat and mouse.

well she tripped!

I am liking his naughty ways and his charming smiles!!!!

Someone just took a photo!

Wanting to cause trouble for both Yeol and Yeon Do.

The irony was that Yeol was even if the principal knew there was no kiss or that he was in a scandal is willing to look the other way and let him unscathed.

Well, money makes the principal so biased! Ugh! 

But then Yeol is not sorry... well he seems to be enjoying teasing Yeon Doo.

Ha Dong Jae, a basketball player.

Their parents...
do they know that their parents like each other?

King Real's room is gone...

But Yeon Doo is not giving up.
She will do anything to voice out her opinion and how their club must not be abolished. Actually, it was Yeon who told him to put it on board.

The two faced roommate and friend...

The plan to make her number 1...

Plan started with posters being put up...

Students got angry towards Yeon Doo, blaming her for something that the principal ordered just because they want to stop Yeon Doo.

a knight in shinning armor????

The culprit!

oopppssss! it's really you, Soo A!
if only Yeon Do gave her a slap, I think I would be at ease. lol!
coz I hate a two faced person!

I like this scene. Thank you for making Yeon Doo a fierce character. Don't let her be stomped on without fighting back, writernim.

The people who made her pityful...

supportive BFF 
it's like a warning to Soo A
"I'm watching you"

Greedy principal

No Yeon Doo won't stay and be treated that way, she quit!

But of course, it is her story, too so she has to go back to school with renewed passion.

Welcome back...
or maybe not!

til next episode...


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