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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 6 Highlights

More than 24 hours had passed since Seoul was hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake and still, government is having a hard time implementing emergency measures. Agencies are not cooperating the way they have, but Congressman Goo Ja Hyuk is putting every effort to make them mobile and cooperate, at least while he is in the position.

Mirae hospital has lost electricity and are only relying on the generator. Newborn twins needs to be transferred immediately to have access to incubator. The father went to look for gas outside and saw a huge line up of men also wanting gas. Because he was desperate he begged to be first in line but he got beaten by other. Guess everyone needs to survive and there can never be special favors because all are also in dire situation. 

Luckily, Dae Gil has seaweed pack in his car and brought the last packs inside the room where the new mother needs to at least eat soup. His gestures was appreciated and that scene where the mother was so grateful was really heart tugging.

Both men who went surgery have their platelet dropping and need blood for sustenance. This is really where my good opinion towards Woo Jin really declines. I know he is the type who is logical, uses his brain to calculate who needs to survive. Some of his principles are acceptable, but the thing is, Hae Sung was the one who operated on both men and I think he just want to gamble on both to survive, not leaving the other behind.

Without telling Dae Gil that he [Woo Jin] realized the man needs blood, he went to see his patient, the VIP minister who until now is a secret to Hae Sung, and told Yoo Myung Hoon [ugh! this one is seriously making me want to hit him..mianhae..he is so impossible and arrogant as a doctor] to collect the last of the blood the hospital have and reserve them all for this patient.

Just as Hae Sung and Ddol Mi also realized that they need that type of blood for their patient, they were too late to get the blood. Confrontation happened between Hae Sung and Woo Jin. Of course it was a frustrated sight and Hae Sung lost to Woo Jin when Chief Kang told him to give in.

They can not just stand there and don't do anything. hae Sung asked for someone to go to the blood bank but no one wants to risk going outside. Ddol Mi was eager but the problem is that she does not know where it is located when navigation on phones can not be used.

Hae Sung went out to get blood at the blood bank. It was chaos outside and scary. Even his friend So Yool cautioned him not to stop for any reason because it is really frightening. 

Roads are blocked still, even damaged. He rode his motorcycle, literally flying over broken roads just to get to the other side. He made it but unfortunately his fall collided with a vehicle parked and he was hurt from the piece of stick. Still, it did not deter him from standing up and moving forward. 

At the blood bank he put a bandage on his chest wound. Then he got what he came for.

On his way back, it was as if voices were calling to him, asking his help. I think his conscience made him stop at the Hangang Mirae hospital where the slipper of the man who ran inside was still there. Losing his mind for a second he started digging thinking he must save him. Just then a man hit him with a long pole on his back. 

He was in pain but he fought with him. His injury made him lose his energy and cringe in pain as the man stole his motorcycle. Hae Sung grabbed tightly to the bag holding the blood. He was left alone. He could not even get up because he was so much in pain. He reached for the whistle the little girl gave him before he let the hospital and blew on it with his last strength.

Someone came back. The man who stole his bike came back. It's an ironic twist that will save him after all.

The drama is very enlightening of what reality is all about when natural disaster comes. It shows us a glimpse of what can happen to people. How rational thinking can be lost because of frustration and the will to survive. It also shows that people in this situation will do everything in their power to do things beyond their capability. Also, people will gather to help each other to solve problems just like when the father of the twins asked help from other patient's relative in the hospital to look for gas together. He promised to take them to another hospital if they can fill up the boat.

Ddol Mi and Dae Gil banter are cute but it's funny how she misinterpret Dae Gil's attention to her. Then Chief Kang doing her duty as a doctor despite losing her own child. 

It's a painful revelation of trusting a human heart to do the right thing in this situation.  

While relatioship between Hae Sung and Ddol Mi is getting better and cuter.

Regarding Woo Jin and Ddol Mi's conversation while she was donating blood through transfusion, he was so skeptical of her positive attitude as a doctor. For him, who turned to be a calculating doctor, it is not really important how she thinks she can save one life when everyone seems to be dying and needs to be saved. Ddol Mi tried to remind him of how he used to be when he saved her from her accident in the past. He was so warm then and human and a compassionate doctor. She can't see that part of him anymore. Seems though that he does not want to go back to be that kind of doctor anymore.

Next episode is going to be another eye opener. I wonder whose outlook and principle will give viewers more understanding of how to deal in this mess. It's either Hae Sung is too positive about life and Woo Jin is someone who uses logic in dealing with people.

Pros and cons... 
both can debate the whole day on where they stand, still both will also learn from each about lessons in life.


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