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Friday, October 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Glamorous Temptation Episode 1 Highlights

First Impression

I thought it was another makjang drama, but it's a relief that it was not. The story evolves around politics, bribery, slush funds, fall guys, secrets that will ruin family and friendship. For a pilot episode I was really engrossed the whole time. I am now looking forward to the revenge part because this is where all it started in this episode. Someone powerful behind made the heroin's husband commit death and it was not accident nor just suicide. It was the last resort to protect his wife and child and of course, to hide the real culprit who is manipulating everyone in the story. As for the villain, who seems to be the one called Elder, he is showing his strength and scary personality, warning anyone not to cross paths with him or to betray him.


Shin Eun Soo and her husband Hong Myung Ho are spending time at the amusement park. She is pregnant. Unknown to her, some men are already following them and just looking for an opportunity to get her husband. Myung Ho decided to get away from her peripheral vision. She is riding a carousel that time. Myung Ho led the men towards the restroom and fight started there. These men is sure sent by someone to scare him or give him a warning. 

Myung Ho was able to get away from them. Outside, he went to get his wife and brought her inside the car. He speed up the car while the men followed him. It was a car chase and even thought it was frightening, they almost got into an accident as they tried to get away, they reached the safety of their home. Eun Soo was so confused but he did not gave her any explanation. He then left her, promising to return later.

Yes, someone was putting pressure on Myung Ho. He was on a public phone talking to someone. He looked worried and frustrated as if he reached the end and there's was no going back. Back in the house, Eun Soo was surprised to see that it was decorated inside, clearly they are about to celebrate when he gets back. She baked a cake. Hours passed, she even slept and woke up, already dark outside and the weather was not good. Myung Ho still was not home. She waited.

While she was waiting, Myung Ho drove the car towards the cliff. That was his solution to the things that worries him. It was sad that death was his choice.

Next morning, Eun Soo had visitors. Police looking for her husband. She went with them at the police station. They kept on asking her about her husband. They even showed her of  Myung Ho withdrawing a huge amount of money from the bank. Guess that was slush fund on his name as a dummy account. She did not gave it much thought because she knew that her husband is working for someone who trust him with such errands. 

The police were adamant that her husband ran away with the money. Her stress led her to giving birth. Still, there was no sign of her husband until her brother confirmed to her that he seemed to be found dead. It was a shock to confirm that it was indeed her husband. 

The ironic and sad part, she was the one who was imprisoned instead for a year. It was heart wrenching to see her be apart from her daughter who she have not been able to care for since she gave birth to her. This was why I thought it was a makjang.

Time passed by so quickly.

Jin Hyung Woo and Kang Il Joo was being chased. Another familiar scenario. 

They were able to evade them. Both were scared but determined to proceed with their plans. Il Joo's father was looking at her and Hyun Woo. He knew that they were trying to elope and he would not let them do it. He needed to know where they are. It was a kind of betrayal to him by Hyun Woo.

Hyun Woo and Il Joo went to a church. Though there was no priest or officiating minister/pastor, they recited their vows. They both looked in love. It was as if someone will try to part them.

Just after they kissed, Il Joo's father arrived with some men with him. 

They dragged Hyung Woo outside and hurt him. Inside the church, Kang Suk Hyun was telling his daughter that she is going to marry another man from another family. 

Looks like one who comes from a political family and someone who have power over her father. 

She could not do anything. Hyung Woo was in the hands of his father's men.

Hyung Woo was dragged towards a boat and tied there. They were waiting for a signal to overthrow him on the waters. Il Joo's father will do anything to separate them. It is not only a warning for Hyung Woo but to make him acknowledge that he made a mistake betraying him.

Against her will Il Joo had no choice but to marry the man her father wanted her, too. Hyun Woo asked his abductors to let him talk with Suk Hyun. The men were ready to throw him into the waters anytime. He was begging them. When the call was connected he asked for another chance. He also told Il Joo to go on with her life and forget him.

Eun Soo was doing part time jobs. She was working at a restaurant and hotel. A co worker had told her that she will be helping in a private wedding. She revealed that the bride is Kang Il Joo. Kang Il Joo is known to be the daughter of a politician and is on the news. 

Finding out the truth...

The start of the revelation happened when someone called Eun Soo telling her about how her husband's death was because of someone else. 

She was advised to check on her e-mails. At first she was confused but later on, when she check her e-mails, she saw familiar documents that brought flashbacks to her. She was also told by the anonymous caller to go to Kang Suk Hyun's house, inside his library and find a specific book. In between the pages she would find answers.

Wedding Day

Surprisingly, Eun Soo got the part time job inside Suk Hyun's house on the day of the private wedding. She made sure to find the library and the book without being caught. The moment she opened the book and saw some documents, it was again familiar to her and some memories from the past resurfaced. She decided to hide the papers inside her dress. 

On her way out she saw the bride kissing with a man. She tried to hide but the entangled couple reminded her of a scene in her past. Reversal scene because it seems that she was the one being kissed by a boy when she saw another girl staring at them, as if they were caught in an act that should not have happened. This time she recognized the same girl and the same boy from her past, now both adults, man and woman, embracing and kissing passionately with her staring at them. 

It was Hyun Woo, the boy who kissed her in her past. The girl was Il Joo...her friend?

I am liking the turn of events in the story, so far. A complicated romance that started from when they were still young. Eun Soo and Hyun Woo seemed to have a relationship before. What happened after that kiss? How does Il Joo fit in their past and now in Hyun Woo's present?

Then of course, the main theme of the drama...revenge. So, Suk Hyun, Il Joo's father might have something to do with the death of Eun Soo's husband. What secrets was he hiding? And what are those documents that Eun Soo now have in relation to her husband's death?

So many questions needed to be answered. I think I will be looking forward to the past story of these three characters during their young adult days.  There's got to be a very good romantic story in the past that binds them all.

For now this is my first post for this drama. Will be catching up on writing thoughts because I am already behind by 3 episodes. Well, the subs came out a week later. Anyway, I will be patiently posting highlights from now on.


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