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Monday, October 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF She Was Pretty Episode 8 Highlights

Mistaken Identity

-random thoughts-
bias thoughts but what can I do?

The root of the problem of the drama is not telling who the real Hye Jin is. I think Sung Joon won't be blamed if Hye Jin finds out that he is continuously meeting Hye Jin that he knows aka Ha Ri. After all it is Hye JIn herself who put them all in this complicated situation. As for Ha Ri falling for Sung Joon, I can't blame her entirely alone for this because she tried to distance herself but it's just that timing is always complicated and Sung Joon is there every time she needed a friend.

Playing Hye Jin is something that got out of hand when Ha Ri finds herself drawn and drawn to Sung Joon. The timing to tell Hye Jin was lost. Then Sung Joon is of course being biased when it comes to Hye Jin. Seeing her in his vicinity did not help him to grow fond of her. For judging her solely on appearance, I think that is his greatest mistake as a person because he made himself be that kind of person.

I have written before that I really hope the friendship between Ha Ri and Hye Jin won't suffer. Now that Shin Hyuk knew the real story, he is not going to let the deception goes on. He talked to Ha Ri and told her to come clean before Sung Joon finds out through Hye Jin.

But then again, the twist of the story is that the timing won't let them clear things. Hye Jin was fired out by Sung Joon from something she did not do but admitted to it. Another cringe worthy scene.

For the past few days, she has been bugging him for small hints that reminded him of Hye Jin, his friend from the past. Every little details pointed out towards her who has the same name and some actions that he remembered by heart.

Then these made him confuse, to the point that he is denying himself to what he apparently feels towards Hye Jin. Is he somehow scared of admitting that he is falling for someone like her? This reality is becoming a problem for him. 

At the same time, the way he is treating her, giving her cold shoulder, rude remarks is making me feel so sorry for Hye Jin for receiving that kind of treatment. I really hate the scene where she bought him snacks but he gave it to another colleague in front of her. 

That was for me, is RUDE!

Can you blame me if my heart is not warming towards him even if he is the lead character and the one for Hye Jin?

Mianhae but mistaken identity or not, a true gentleman won't be that harsh to a person showing sincerity and care towards him. After all Hye Jin is not even showing her affection to him to warrant such behaviour. She has been acting like a normal person in an office space, not even giving away her affections openly to Sung Joon. If by some circumstances she had bought him snacks like before, it was just an act so normal that with her personality, she would do to anyone, too. So, it's disappointing to see her being treated that way.

What the heart can't say, the mind misunderstood...
which leads to confusion.

Funny and sweet moments

Glad that there is Shin Hyuk to make me smile every time he appears on screen. Even his moments of concern towards Hye Jin puts a smile on my face. I think that what they have is pure friendship but that's what makes their relationship amazing. They understood each other even if there are still secrets between them, like his true identity. 

Shin Hyuk who is rich was mistaken as a struggling artist in the company by Hye Jin and everyone, while Ha Ri discovered it soon.  Ironic how both Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk knew each other's secrets but are liking the people they both like.

His consideration towards Hye Jin endears him more and more to me as a viewer. for the times that she needs cheering up and even when there's no reason he just makes her feel important.

Shin Hyuk can be mean to Sung Joon if he wants to but even though he knew the complicated story and how Hye Jin truly feels towards Sung Joon, he is managing to be funny and a nuisance in a good way towards Sung Joon. 

Friendship means a lot.

While there are secrets between Ha Ri and Hye Jin concerning Sung Joon, I appreciate Ha Ri's sincerity towards Hye Jin. I don't think it is about guilt that keeps her affected when Hye Jin needs comforting. She was there for her ever since and just continuing a good friend for her still. When Hye Jin called her after she was fired by Sung Joon, Ha Ri hurriedly went to find her. She was also frantic to see Sung Joon but her priorities changed when Hye Jin is in a sad state. Ha Ri is a character in a story of complicated friendship that is not insensitive or mean. 

New Project

For new project, the team will be using Hye Jin's concept. It's good and has a lot of potential but the problem is that Hye Jin is not working anymore in the company. Sung Joon needs to let go of his pride and ask her to come back. 

So okay I'l admit that this scene made me laugh because it was too funny. But then it does not ease my heart... maybe I want to punish him. LOL! Just a little, you know to know his sincerity.

Thank you writernim for making Hye Jin reject him even for a short time in the episode. Making Hye Jin firm in her decision despite of Sung Joon sincerely asking her back somehow boosted her ego and let me as a viewer "horray" for her. Finally, she is not acting foolish in front of him, not even intimidated. I hope it is not too late to make her character strong. After all she has received too many harsh comments and humiliations to last her a lifetime. 

The New Hye Jin

Why now? I ask this to writernim?

Why does she have to have a make over? 

I am not expecting this twist because I want her to be loved for who she is, how she is and accept her for her flaws. But then, making her beautiful will open doors for her and will make Sung Joon notice her more. I think this is unfair when Shin Hyuk noticed her through her worst.

Maybe I am alone in falling for second lead this time. Ah, ottoke?


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