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Sunday, October 11, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF She Was Pretty Episode 7 Highlights

When other cast of the drama makes her own interesting story towards love...

basically scheming while thinking she will be winning a jackpot...

I wonder what will the truth brings to her?

I anticipate this twist of the story for this greedy girl. Well, it's going to be a revelation, I bet!

Road Trip

This trip wants me to be convinced that finally, Sung Joon is noticing Hye Jin. When thrown together because of a surprising twist, he came to see through beyond her physical personality and enjoyed her company. Should I be thankful that at long last, his shallow treatment of her is changing?


There have been hints from time to time but because he was so prejudiced towards her, he continue to ignore her. Will her lack of beauty really enticed him to see her in a new light and perhaps like her as a woman?

More convincing writernim because I have been hurt with his curt words and humiliations towards Hye Jin from episode 1 until some more episodes and it will take a while to make me swoon on his undivided attention towards Hye Jin. If only he was not portrayed as a shallow man who treats the likes of Hye Jin, unlike Shin Hyuk, maybe, just maybe, I will be convinced easily at this change of heart.

Why can't Sung Joon realize Hye Jin's worth just like Shin Hyuk. Yes it started as a joke to Shin Hyuk, he who keeps pestering her for his own childish amusement, but then he never really treated her badly. His naughty pranks never gave Hye Jin bad feelings enough to be hurt or cry. 

So for now, basically, my heart goes for Shin Hyuk who finally realizes what Hye Jin really means to him. Because he likes her. And the way he likes her is fun and makes me smile as realization hits him.

And he confessed that feeling to her although it was received with skeptical thoughts knowing he likes to joke around her. What really matters is that he is there to protect her from being hurt.

Not really compatible... or just being annoying.

On their way to the trip, Hye Jin was so awkward that she kept on doing things to ease her mind but then Sung Joon always stop her from doing her antics. Like opening the window to breathe fresh air, or to hold his shades. Just being petty or being irritating, Sung Joon is doing exactly that.

The classy ahjumma doppelganger...

Great mind of the writer to make another character for the classy ahjumma as a store owner where both Hye Jin and Sung Joon stop to eat. This scene really made me laugh. The funny thing was that Sung Joon boasted that he would pay for the meal so there should be no worries about the expense. But ironically, he left his wallet at the office. He had no way to pay but ask Hye Jin for money. 

Of course, her card has insufficient funds and could not cover the whole bill. They have to work for what they ate or else the ahjumma will call the police.

Guess working together is a way to make them closer. Because somehow, they got to be comfortable at last. 

At the beach...

Finally, they are talking. But Sung Joon still finds it uncomfortable from time to time so he draws the line so that they can go back to being boss/trainee. Not realizing that while she is enjoying the scenery, Sung Joon is also enjoying watching her. He even took snaps of her without her knowing.

Phone calls were made both for Ha Ri and they did not find out about it.

The night makes them closer...

Eating together that night turned out to be favorable to Hye Jin. Sung Joon found himself immersed with their talk and time passed by so quickly without them realizing it. To sum it up, they enjoyed each other's company and found out that they share more similarities they did not know before.

The confession abruptly disrupted...

Just when Hye Jin is ready to tell Sung Joon her identity, Shin Hyuk appeared out of nowhere! LOL! Good Shin Hyuk Fighting!

hahahaha... it's all me, mslee1107 rooting for Shin Hyuk.

Well, the atmosphere changed a little although not bad. They drank and predictably, Sung Joon passed out again. Poor Shin Hyuk carried Sung Joon to his room with Hye Jin fussing by the side.

Just like I said, towards the end Shin Hyuk told Hye Jin he likes her. 

Then Ha Ri who can not hold her feelings any longer for Sung Joon confessed also and kissed him. A sight that surprised Shin Hyuk when he realized who was Ha Ri to Hye Jin. He knew that Ha Ri is the one pretending to be Hye Jin and that until now, the real Hye Jin is oblivious that the pretension is going on, still.

He has to protect Hye Jin from being hurt. When she turned to look what he was staring at he hurriedly gave her a back hug, directing her gaze away from the two.

Every episode makes me love Shin Hyuk more and more I don't know how can I convince myself that I wanted Hye Jin to end up with Sung Joon.

I guess second lead guy syndrome finally caught me off guard for I seldom go for second leads.



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