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Monday, January 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episode 23 Review and Screen caps

So, finally, the romance begins for Woo Seok and Soo In. It took an accident for Soo In to realize her feelings for him and to have enough courage to confess, even at the wrong person. Why does it happens in drama, right? 

Woo Seok was at the other bed listening to her crying at a person lying down on the bed fully bandaged. Anyways, there is no turning back for them now. Soo In could not hide her feelings and could not stop crying and hugging Woo Seok, to his surprise and of course happiness. 

One of the fun moments in the drama is the continuous messing around of the witch, the ahjumma who likes to sing "Gentlemen" song. She likes to tempt the old man, Woo Seok's father-in-law even in front of Bok Nyeo. But then she also has her eyes on Mr. Tak whom she calls baby and insist on him calling her noona. This ahjumma is bringing the laughter in the story. I could not find myself to get annoyed towards her even if she creates misunderstanding. She has said it before that she is lonely and I think she is just playing around because she feels alone. 

Chairman Ma started investigating Woo Seok's background after learning and seeing the photograph Park Won Jae captured when he went searching on his office. The Chairman sent Woo Seok on a business trip and intercepted the man he was supposed to meet up regarding the bakery in the past. The Chairman paid a huge amount of money to shut up the man. When Woo Seok phoned him, the man told him that his father dosen't remember about the bakery.

Meanwhile, Aeng Ran knew that the Chairman is trying his best to block Woo Seok from knowing the truth about himself. I still can't figure out Aeng Ran and her motives. The best way is to make Bok Nyeo realized that her son is Woo Seok aka Jin Moo but she is keeping her silence. She is playing her own game, hoping the end result would make her son Do Jin be the owner of SHINHWA, She is asking the first wife of Chairman Ma about the papers Bok Nyeo hid under a tree. She almost got her answers but Joo Ran interrupted them.

The wedding is cancelled after learning that the bride to be has already a son she hides. DoJin does not want to marry her. But the mother and daughter appealed to Aeng Ran and gave her a tempting offer. The stocks in SHINHWA they have will be transferred immediately to Do Jin's name after the wedding.

Do Jin learned about his son. He was so mad facing his mother and asking her why she fooled him. He went to see Seo Mi O and cried at her begging to forgive him and also to ask why she lied. But Seo Mi O was determined not to fall again with Do Jin's words. Do Jin got out of the house leaving his mother even if Aeng Ran begged him to stay and not leave her alone ion that house.

A box was delivered under Aeng Ran's name. The maid brought it inside the master's bedroom where the Chairman was resting. The Chairman opened the box out of curiosity and found the picture of when she and Woo Seok visited an orphanage. The suspicion is getting bigger and Aeng Ran stood still at the door looking scared of the Chairman.

I am hating Joo Hee for not giving up on Woo Seok even after she knew that he won't love her. She is becoming vindictive and it is really annoying. I hope the romance part between Soo In and Woo Seok develops more and lots of sweet moments for them.

Next episode is gonna be interesting...


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