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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] SPY First Review

Spy (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

First Impression


I like the first 2 episodes already. The secrets that surround the characters are captivating. The past is currently catching up to the present and there is no easy way out.

Kim Sun Woo is believed to be an ordinary government employee by his parents especially his mother Park Hye Rim aka Sung Hye who hides a secret about her past. But the truth is, Sun Woo is a field agent in the intelligence network of the government. In short he is a spy who is showing an amazing skills so far. But then, in his last mission, they were intercepted by a group of men riding a truck which hit their car. The men has a leader who ordered them to get their wallets so that the accident would look like robbery. Sun Woo's partner was killed but he was spared. Why? The man who has a scar on his face and on his hand saw the picture inside his wallet. Their family picture. That picture spared his life, without him knowing.

Who is the mysterious man with a scar on his face and hand? A North Korean spy who is currently in Korea and rounding up spies who were once dropped and scattered at the country to collect money [for their family who were left in North Korea]  as well as do their spy duty. He is the scary man Hwang Gi Chul who has killed his fellow spies by burning them alive. He knew Hye Rim as Sung Hye back in the days when they were in China.

Hye Rim has long since started a new life and a new identity in Korea living as a simple housewife to Kim Woo Suk who is has bisiness in the IT industry. They are all living a simple life. Sun Woo's younger sibling is still in college, Kim Young Seo.

After the accident that killed Sun Woo's partner, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He got wounds and his arm was casted. His superiors in the agency decided to relieve him temporarily from field work and put in an office.

A new incident happened after he was discharged from the hospital. A young woman was dropped from a van with eyes blindfolded in the city. She looked scared and lost. She untied blindfold and streets until she noticed a man stalking her. She ran and  at hid at every corner to avoid being caught. Her last chance is to surrender herself to the government. She found a phone booth and called someone for help

Sun Woo was tasked to get the runaway woman together with other spies scattered at the center of the city. They were looking for the caller. Sun Woo recognized the woman. With skills, he was able to secure the woman and brought to a place where she was detained and interrogated. She told what she about her work and why she was in Korea. She asked for help for her family that was still in the North. She begged them to help her but they could only promise her her safety for now.

Sun Woo asked to interrogate the woman. He has his own way of digging information. He learned about the man with scars and how he was feared by this woman who almost died in his hands. She told about her colleagues who were killed by burning.

In the story, Sun Woo's girlfriend met his family. Lee Yoon Jin did not impressed Park Hye Rim but instead, got suspected. Yoon Jin felt that the mother of Sun Woo did not like her. Hye Rim was keen on Yoon Jin's skills. She saw how Yoo Jin's reflex was able to catch the pitcher that almost dropped on the table. Lee Yoon Jin is also I think a runaway spy from the North. She also was once in China. She may have been living a new life in South Korea now. Sun Woo knew about her past.

The twist of the story was when Gi Chul met Hye Rim and threatened to expose her if she did not cooperate for a mission he was asking her as a favor. He told her that he would let her live in peace after this first and last mission. Hye Rim was hesitant but Gi Chul did not gave her much choice. She was asked to drop a bag in a terminal and walked away from there. She bought a coat, big hat and sunglasses to hide her face. But there are o many CCTV in the area. She sat on a bench as she waited but got a call from him to just leave the bag. She stood up and hesitated to walk away. By the time she got courage, she took a few step from where the bag was when a little girl called her attention about the bag. She came back and told the girl it was not hers. Then she left. She rounded a corner when a loud blast explode. She went back amid the chaos and people running. The smoke was too much blurring the vicinity but she was able to find the little girl. She scooped up the girl and gave to her mother who was then calling.

The incident was in the news later on. She watched to her daughter's surprise because she never watched news. Sun Woo also sat down beside her on the couch. A video was sent to her phone and she saw that it was her, vividly captured. A new threat. She spoke on the phone with him and reminded him of the promise he gave her. But he told her about her son, Sun Woo and what work he is involved in. He also told her that he already met Sun Woo. He asked that she turned over her son to him in exchange for her peaceful living.

It is certainly a dilemma for Hye Rim. She was shocked that his own son was able to deceived her about his work. She thought her son was someone like any other regular young guys. But no, her son is a spy for the government and doing field work.

Another secret that was unfolded early on in the drama. I wonder who was Sun Woo's real father? Was there another man in Hye Rim/Sung Hye's life back then or was it already Kim Woo Suk? She was pregnant when she was in China. Gi Chul then was trying to tell her to abort the baby but she stood her ground. As she walked away from the place where she left Gi Chul in China, an explosion was suddenly heard.

Hye Rim thought Gi Chul died back then but she was totally wrong. He is alive and back to hound her and her family. The past is catching up fast with the present. Sun Woo will definitely be surprised at finding about his mother's past. Will he find out soon? He certainly is passionate about his job. He can be stubborn and do things his own way. With a sunbae like Kim Hyun Tae who is also strong headed and likely to be impulsive, he will influence Sun Woo. At the most, Sun Woo will be in a situation where he must use his skills and intelligence to stay alive.

The story started good. There was continuity. It is so easy to follow. The characters are all great.

Looking forward to next episodes. Screen caps already posted previously.


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