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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kim So Eun's Thoughts On WGM's Possibility To Turn Real For Her

Kim So Eun was recently interviewed through Chinese media Sina about some of her thoughts regarding WGM and her virtual husband Song Jae Rim.

Everyone who follow We Got Married know that this couple "SoLim" / "JaeRim" are currently the popular couple in the show. They also won the best couple during MBC's Entertainment Awards recently even though they are the newly couple added in the program. We saw how from episode 1 their chemistry kicked off with high speed, making viewers screaming and wanting more.

I am one who also watch this couple and the reason why I again watch WGM after a long while. But then, for some reasons, got to ship another couple. But this does not mean that I don't like this couple. I love Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun as individual actors and their sweetness through this show is really amazing.

So anyway, I got across this news about the interview via koreaboo and what Kim So Eun shared was interesting but at the same time I understand how she handled this interview. It may look or feel disappointing for shippers but for me who have been shipping more than  3 couples already since I started following K-dramas, this kind of answers are the safest ones any celebrity can give to fans.

excerpts from the article 

translated via http://www.koreaboo.com

The actress also mentioned about her hypothetical husband, Song Jae Rim, saying, “He is a very humorous and bright person. Because of his merits, we were able to become closer and comfortable for the filming.” 
Later when the interviewer asked if there were slight possibility of the variety’s couple becoming an actual couple, Kim So Eun replied, “That won’t happen and impossible. We film once bi-weekly and barely have time to contact each other outside of our filming schedule for the show. I feel like it would be very difficult to build personal emotions for an actual relationship.”
This may sound definite and perhaps telling fans not to dream or wish beyond the screens but then there is no harm in still shipping them. After all, no one knows when will love would finally struck one's heart.

For those who ship SoLim/JaeRim, this is really no the end.  Have fun. 


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