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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Review Episode 24

Highlights of the episode

I guess Aeng Ran heaved a sigh of relief when the Chairman seemed to accept her alibi about the picture where she went to an orphanage without his knowledge and with Woo Seok who accompanied her that time. But the Chairman still slept in the study room as he thought about the incident. Something is definitely fishy.

Do Jin asked Mi O for another chance and begged the elders at the house for forgiveness. Mi O decided to trust Do JIn's words after Soo In encouraged her to take a chance. Do Jin went to an exclusive store where his mother frequents and made Mi O chose a beautiful dress. Then they went to his home with their son and met the family. The Chairman was so mad while Aeng Ran was aghast at Do Jin's courage to face the family with Mi O. She kept telling him to change his mind but Do Jin left his car keys and credit cards on the table. The Chairman was not buying his bravery because he was thinking that he would be back after a few days. The three left.

Soo In and Woo Seok's romance is just starting. Soo In is still a little bit uncomfortable but Woo Seok keeps on teasing her and asking her to take care of him. He asked her to wash his face because his arm is still hurting but when they went inside the bathroom, Byeol chanced upon them and volunteered to wash her father's face instead. Soo In was smiling while Woo Seok was disappointed at the turn of events. The scene was cute.

Well, Young Wok is still not through messing around. The ahjussi slipped a piece of paper inside Bok Nyeo's pocket but she was not aware of it while the Young Wok saw what transpired. She went after Bok Nyeo who was washing the clothes and easily stole the paper. It was a letter telling Bok Nyeo to meet up with the ahjussi at a nearby place. But of course Young Wok does not know how to read so she asked Byeol to read it for her and gave her money as a reward. She planned on going to the place herself. That night the ahjussi was already waiting when she appeared. She sat opposite him but the ahjussi hurriedly left her. She was so disappointed and mad as she ordered soju and side dishes. Mr. Tak appeared suddenly. She immediately asked him to join her. He was hesitant and wanted to leave but she gave him money to tempt him to stay. The ahjumma who served the dishes thought he was her son. She was offended and told the woman she is his girlfriend, LOL. She also called Mr. Tak baby. Mr. Tak could not take it any longer, he went away in a rush.

Joo Hee visited Soo In at the bakery and once again told her to leave Woo Seok. She even slapped Soo In when Soo In told her that she is confident in telling her that her feelings for Woo Seok is real. I am beginning to have headache everytime I see Joo Hee and her obsessive behavior towards Woo Seok.

Another fun scene was when both woo Seok's father-in-law and Bok Nyeo arranged a double date for them and for Young Wok. a blind date for our annoyingly yet fun ahjumma. But she got angry when she went to the place and found out what they did. Her anger was fueled when the ahjussi or perhaps harabuji because he is really so old has hearing impairment. He could not hear well what was asked of him and answered differently from what was asked. Seriously, I was laughing so hard while watching this scene. Young Wok had gone crazy as she got up and tried to topple the table.

The ending left the viewers anticipating for more. A man called Woo Seok about Geubukdang, the bakery, while the man also called Bok Nyeo and reminding her that he used to work at the bakery. Both are going to meet the man.

Will this finally reveal the secret? Or will they miss each other again? Well, it's k-drama after all and I know this can drag for awhile yet.

Until next episode.


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