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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Catching Up on Good Dramas I Missed

There's a lot of good dramas that I happened to missed while they were airing. Since watching them live via streaming sites can't be accomplish when I am watching another on the same time slot, all I can do is wait for the reviews or recommendations from chingus in the net. Usually I blog what dramas I currently watch that are airing now in Korea. But time is limited I can't share my thoughts in all of them. I am just glad that I am  not too late to catch up.

One of the dramas I missed which I am glad I decided to watch was Nine: Travel Nine Times which aired via cable. A time travelling drama that kept me awake even in the wee hours of the night. I could not wait for each episodes. The plot, the characters and the story was intriguing. And I think the twist and turns all connected and I was satisfied with the open ending it left the viewers. It had a positive conclusion and whatever wrongs in the beginning were righted. I think Lee Jin Wook had done justice to the character in the drama.

Another drama I just finished last night was a noir genre that really made me glued in front of the monitor was Cruel City. I think the story was very solid. It gave a good insight of what it was like living as an undercover. It also tackled the danger of loosing humanity. All in all the drama was worth watching and even though it also had open ending, I am not disappointed because there was closure in a way. I love the action scenes, very stylish but of course some scenes were really brutal it's too close to reality. The story left some vagueness in the emotional side of the drama but I think it only adds that mystery that will stay forever. I fell in love with Jung Kyung Ho through his character in the drama. I think he made action scenes seemed effortless with his classy movements. 

For a rom/com, there was I Need Romance 2. I like the way it was shown. It tackles about relationship between man and woman. And I enjoyed watching it. There's truth in it and the writer successfully relayed why a man acts a certain way and why a woman reacted to it and how she perceived it. I think the drama is a mature way of giving us an in depth glimpse of how to find happiness and love in every relationship. The drama made me smile and laugh but also made me cry. Jung Yu Mi had a great chemistry with Lee Jin Sook and together they made me feel what it's like to be in love again.

For now these are the dramas I marathon. I am now starting on two more dramas in between my currently watching ones. What's interesting is they were all shown via cable. I guess filming is much more beautiful and flawless.


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