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Monday, June 3, 2013

Jang Ok Jung Episode 17 Screencaps + short recap

Episode 17

There was a confrontation between IH and OJ. The former slapped OJ twice.

Water maid Choi aka Dong Yi met Chi Soo. She watched King SJ and OJ as they took a stroll at the palace grounds. She remembered their [OJ] encounter before.

Ok Jung gave birth to a baby prince. SJ was waiting outside while she was in labor. OJ mother could not enter the palace, she was being harassed by the guards. OJ maid went to SJ and informed him. The mother was able to be beside OJ as she gave birth.

Queen In Hyun continues to suffer pain [humiliation?] while OJ became a mother.

King Suk Jong collapsed in front of his ministers.

IH made OJ remember her promised to the late Queen mother. She must hand the prince to IH. IH maid was already holding the baby when OJ grabbed him, but IH soon came towards her.

Ok Jung's ordeal is not yet finished. Now, her son would be taken away from her....

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