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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] D-Day Episode 13 Screen caps Highlights

Without Ddol Mi to give Hae Sung support and strength, I think he would have fallen into depression and be lost. He would give up. But Ddol Mi did not let him feel alone or worthless. She gave encouraging words to make him feel better. she is good for him and his self esteem.  He went back to the hospital after walking out.

Cute banter...
the romance is lacking in the drama but somehow little things like this makes viewers like me appreciate them together. Hopefully, more scenes like these please, writernim.

Cause they are cute together....:))

Back inside the hospital...

First, he asked for the chart of the firefighter's daughter. He went to review it and see the scans.

He gave Dae Gil order to take care of the dressing on the girl's legs.

It's hard to pretend that he can help or save the girl. He had no way of saving her. He had not done the kind of operation needed. The girl has a disease he is not familiar with. His lack of conviction was met with misunderstanding from the father's point of view. He thought he won't save his daughter just because...

His brother plead him to help save the girl. I guess he knew Hae Sung's capability and how he was risking everything to save other people.

Woo Jin seemed tired of what's happening. Well, he has his own problems. From previous episodes he was diagnosed and apparently his vision will soon be gone. he is keeping it a secret to everyone.  

Hae Sung sought him to ask for books which he can read and study. He wanted to know all about the girl's disease.
Takayasu Artiritis

Woo Jin in all fairness to him is really concerned for Hae Sung. He knew that the Director is just taking his time and will get him. He reminded Hae Sung about it.

Hae Sung searched the library for medical books that could teach him about the disease. He needed to learn in order to operate on the girl. 

Ddol Mi and Hae Sung

He wants to treat his PTSD.

He sought his friend...

Hae Sung wants to be the man for Ddol Mi. He wants to get well so he can do what he do best. 

It all comes back to when he got to an accident with his father. 
The trauma started from there.

Love this moments with Ddol Mi...

Back to work...

still monitoring the progress of the girl's condition

The girl grabbed his hand...
pleading... silently.

DMT needed outside...

Okay, so the Director has his own agenda...

The President went back to their home. Grieving for his son.

At the sight...
there is  no guarantee on safety. Woo Jin does not want to let his team risked their lives but Ji Na went ahead because it was why they were there in the first place.

Hae Sung is having a hard time controlling his trauma. His hands are trembling.

He was so frustrated, he knocked the walls with his bare hands. Ddol Mi cried, stopping him and hugging him tightly to pacify him. She talked to him, calming him until his frustrations subsided.

They went back to see the patient.

The difference in opinion clashed again between Woo Jin and Hae Sung. For Hae Sung he has to save the man, do emergency action until he can be transferred to the hospital. Woo Jin tried to stopped him because he thinks it is useless but Hae Sung guided Ddol Mi to do the procedure with him.

Woo Jin saw how capable Hae Sung was.

The wife of the  President looking for him...

It was like  hearing a good news when the Director was told that his brother-in-law was missing and might be under the grounds again. This would be a turning point for all his ambition.

The man was trapped and the rescue team will try to save him.

This is absurd but a genius scene from the writer's point of view. This scene was a great highlight on this episode regarding the Director's greed.

Already triumphant with the news of the missing President.

The wife told Hae Sung not to lay a finger on her husband.
But how when he was the only one who could provide emergency measure or else the man will surely die.

He needed to open the head, in this case drill the skull to see what happened inside and ease what's blocking inside. Hae Sung was the only one who can do it, who thought of it and not afraid to do it. It was either he did not do it and let the man die. There was no room for negotiation because again, the President would surely die and it's worth risking the opening a hole in the skull than not doing something to make the patient live at least before transferring to the hospital. He would die on his way if Hae Sung will not perform the emergency measure.

This greedy doctor already talking about the will of the President.

Hae Sung started on drilling..
this scene was really scary and I closed one eye while peeking on the other. Seriously, I don't know why I am enduring watching medical dramas when I can barely watch so much blood and open wounds across the screens.

Hae Sung did his work and it was worth it. Now, they just have to transfer the President to MIrae hospital fro further surgery.

While this man was drinking coffee not knowing soon the President had been found out and alive still and is coming. 

Guess he will be pissed off...

Big Time!


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