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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 8 GIF - Exposed

I guess episode 8 is the turning point of the story, which usually is in a 16 episode drama. There are some twist and realizations in this episodes for the characters.

Feeling uncomfortable when Geun Woo looked into Jung Joo's sleeping form in his arms is the start of facing what it is between them. Is it really just friendships they have or is there something beyond it?

Jung Joo had no recollection of what happened the night before. She woke up with a headache brought about by the hangover from her drinking spree the night before. She was confused why Geun Woo was suddenly back at the restaurant, luggage and all.

The tension is starting to be awkward for Jung Joo who can't really hide what she feels being close to Geun Woo just like in this scene where she was trapped between him and the refrigerator. An uncomfortable feeling but something that she is drowning by herself in a nice way.

In this episode Geun Woo talked to a doctor friend to ask advise about Jung Joo's supposed illness. He really thought she was sick. But then foxy Ji Won met the same doctor and found out about the illness which she thought was not really true. Yeah, this girl is so smart and an opportunist. This knowledge she would surely use against Jung Joo.

The love line between Jung Geun and the ahjumma diver continues. She still clueless who he is and he is afraid of being caught. He is handling the situation cautiously but also missing her every moment. 

Because there is a brewing rivalry between the Mayor and Geun Woo, it is time to make Jung Joo realize who is actually in her heart. The Mayor and his team decided to have dinner at Warm and Cozy. The colleagues are pushing the romance between the Mayor and Jung Joo even planned a game to make an excuse of giving a necklace to Jung Joo. 

There was an arrangement between them to make the Mayor win the game of arm wrestling. Everyone lose as Jung Joo was left the only girl cheering for the Mayor's side. Geun Woo is done watching them make a foolish act and inserted himself on the game against the Mayor, He even asked Jung Joo if she wants the necklace. 

The game started, making Jung Joo confused on who to root for. Poong San told her to follow her heart. At the end, she knew what to do. 

Apologetic towards the Mayor in her mind, she suddenly strikes the pose of the Clay Red Man making the Mayor stared at her in a trance or maybe startled way. That short second made Geun Woo won the game.

I have stated before that Ji Won is really attracted to Jung Geun, the reason she worked for him and the company. The reason why she is just stringing Geun Woo along. It is her style, just for the fun of dangling poor Geun Woo while waiting her chance at his brother. But then, when she bravely confessed her feelings to Jung Geun, he met her with a firm denial. 

Ouch! Yeah, she wishes to stand by him in a party but he rejected. He made it sure that she understand him.

There is going to be a party at the resort. even Jung Joo and Poon San are invited by Geun Woo. The ahjumma diver should have been invited also but Jung Geun changed his mind when he was warned by Jung Bae, one of the elders in the diving school, about not messing around with Hae Sil because she is a good resident. He also learned that she has been living alone since her husband died immediately after just a year of marriage, I think Jung Geun realized she is not in his league and someone to treasure and not fool around.

But then that day, the divers commissioned to pose at the party can not make it so the staff without Jung Geun's approval or knowledge asked the ahjumma divers to the party. Because the company has some kind of sponsorship to them they are coming out of respect and good relation. But they were surprised that they were invited to be an object to entertain the visitors while posing as they liked in front of the pool and not human beings that should be treated like one. They were too indignant and angered they decided to walked out. But unfortunately Hae Sil fell on the pool just the same time Jung Geun arrived looking at the commotion. 

They faced each other. She realized he is the President all along. She thought she was made a fool all this time. She walked out leaving him who could not seem to find the right words to say.

Ji Won was annoyed and of course jealous that Ji Won is invited at the party and saw how close she is to Geun Woo. She found the time to talk to her without Geun Woo at her side. She then told her that Geun Woo is only pitying her because he thought she is dying. yeah, nailed Jung Joo's heart once more for a desired effect which she got.

But when she told Geun Woo how he was wrong about Jung Joo's state of health and that she already relayed the message to Jung Joo, what did she get?

Jung Joo had asked the Mayor for a beautiful place because she wanted to go there with Geun Woo. Even if the Mayor felt betrayed and frustrated at how Jung Joo only seems to see Geun Woo and not him, still he could not resist himself not helping her. Just when he asked her why she keeps on standing by the one she likes and not to the one who likes her. At this she only could understand that he knew about Geun Woo and her feelings for him. Lol at the Mayor's frustrations!

Still, he helps her. And her romantic feels. Towards Geun Woo and not him.

Hmmm, he is such an adorable Mayor who understands Jung Joo. Not even vindictive of not being chosen.

This is what Ji Won got for messing with Jung Joo.

Jung Joo was crying. She now realized all those times he was caring and gentle towards her. Why he lent the restaurant to her and keeps on assuring her that it is hers until she dies. All her thoughts, romantic thoughts that somehow he finds her attractive or maybe their relationship might flourish has now gone. He only pity her. And that hurts.

But wait, here comes Geun Woo. Something inside clicked. Something was exposed suddenly. He knew right there and then what he is feeling all along towards Jung Joo.

This is definitely a confession of love. 

Exposed. Yes, the characters were suddenly exposed. Their feelings can not be denied anymore. Jung Joo and Geun Woo feel the same way. Hae Sil and Jung Geun feel the same way, too.

Ji Won exposed her feelings to Jung Geun but met an outright rejection. The Mayor is also exposed but his rejection is accepted in a  much nicer way because Jung Joo is clueless about it.

But this one is an intriguing revelation.

Hae Sil is the wife of Geun Woo's father? Okay, it is still not exactly revealed yet but the thoughts of this  blogger regarding the past is really intriguing.

As if their worlds are too small for all of them. Imagine the possibility that every one is entangled by the photo is already fascinating. But then it will surely cause a few misunderstanding.

Waiting for more...


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