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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 7 GIF - Highlights

I like this episode because it showed that there's more than friendship both GeunWoo and Jung Joo have and wanted to think.

She told him to go and leave Warm and Cozy now that he has his credit card back but he insisted to stay. They were having petty quarrels again. The cute part was when he thought she was gone for good when he could not find her and thought of the big luggage he saw the night before. Poong San knew Geun Woo is acting weird and in panic that he could not resist adding about Jung Joo going to somewhere with the bag. He kept the knowledge that Jung Joo was only going away to attend a wedding. Very cunning and funny Poong San. A matchmaker indeed!

At the airport, Geun Woo chased Jung Joo only to realized he was panicking for the wrong reasons. It was a good scene because finally they again patched things up between them like they usually do. He even suggested that she let her hair down because it would make her more beautiful. But when she was on the verge of untying her hair he changed his mind to her disappointment or maybe annoyance. 

It was like Jung Joo felt renewed, energized to shop some things to bring back to Geun Woo. While Geun Woo was missing her the whole day he texted her telling to come back that same night instead of the next day because the weather is not looking good. Actually, the weather is so bright and shinny..[lol] he just wanted her back soon. That night she came back.

Okay, so here is where the Mayor comes in again. I am liking his intrusion. Not annoying or irritating but rather cute. He is slowly falling for Jung Joo but it is not the kind that put pressure or threatening in anyway for the OTP. He saw her riding the bus on her way back home as he was passing towards the opposite direction. The funny part. turning around he rode the bicycle as fast as he can to catch up, losing breath as he chase. That moment when she saw him looking out of breath, being clueless of what he just did was making him frustrated. He walked her back. he told her about being accepted in the diving school. She was so happy that she and the Mayor rejoiced while their hands were making high fives which was what Geun Woo witnessed. Childishness overwhelmed him that he hugged Jung Joo in front of the Mayor to show off. The love lines is getting complicated. Both males are trying to be territorial but in a subtle way. Geun Woo is clearly not realizing why he is doing that but the Mayor is of course falling for her. 

I think slowly, both Geun Woo and Jung Joo are feeling the tension. Geun Woo had indigestion so Jung Joo patted his back. But at some point she leaned her face on his back telling him about how her heart is pounding for him. 

Somehow it was kind of confessing but at the end, she could not hold it that she ended up telling him it was the best way to cure indigestion. Her unexpected revelation or whatever it was made him confused and tensed up. Jung Joo of course made it appear as if she was just telling him that to surprise him to cure his indigestion. The moment passed by.

Geun Woo's sister Hee Ra learned that Geun Woo is staying with Jung Joo in the restaurant. Ji Won told her just to put a distance between Geun Woo and Jung Joo. Again Ji Won is acting up to pull the string son Geun Woo even if she is not really interested. Hee Ta went to Warm and Cozy and found out the situation up close. She thought the place was too dusty and that Geun Woo is living in a pitiful way. She told Jung Joo that she understand the friendship and the relation between her and Geun Woo but he needs to pack up and return to the resort giving her a card key to hand over to Geun Woo.

Geun Woo has no other choice but to go even if he is not thrilled at the idea. He packed his bags and drive away, leaving Jung Joo sad. But the days were boring for Geun Woo. Just as it were for Jung Joo who missed him. She even made an excuse of bringing to him some items he let behind just to see him. But when she went to the resort she saw her having a fun time with Ji Won. Guess she got jealous and felt that her journey was wasted. She just called him and told him that she left some things at the front desk. She never realized how he left Ji Won and rushed to find her but missing her as she already left. 

He just have to resolve his sitation. His sister told him not to appear in front of their brother or else he would be kicked out. But that was the excuse he needed to go back to Warm and Cozy. He appeared suddenly at his brother's living room, telling him he got a room without his knowledge and asked if he is not happy about it. 

He was answered favorably, of course he must leave the place. Happily, he packed his belongings and rushed to Warm and Cozy.

He saw Jung Joo sleeping on chairs, drunk. The table got evidence that she drunk. He was about to get her blankets when she turned around and almost fell but he caught her in time. The moment became intense for him at least. He felt the tension as he looked at her sleeping form.

Why is is that Geun Woo is so slow in noticing that his emotions are changing and that he is falling for Jung Joo? Really, he is so blinded!

There is an intriguing scene when the writer and blogger Boo Mi Ra visited Hee Ra. It seemed that she has the photo of Geun Woo's father, the one that Jung Joo left a long time ago when she first tried to approached Geun Woo's mother but intercepted by him. Actually that same photo was interesting because it seemed that the man was her father, but then it was also Geun Woo's father according to his mother. 

The blogger is interested in writing a story behind the photo. Will there be a misunderstanding because of it? It will of course show that they have the same father. The story is that the man returned after making himself a millionaire. 

Another funny part of the episode was when Jung Geun received his acceptance message from the ahjumma diver which gave him so much excitement more than the project that the company has recently achieved also. He was in the middle of a board meeting when it happened that his overwhelmed excitement surprised the directors.

I think I like that the Mayor and Jung Joo has their own kind of comfortable relationship. I think that it's cute to watch them even if she feels more to Geun Woo.

Because her association to the Mayor is somehow getting a reaction from Geun Woo.

More exciting twist is sure to unfold.

Looking forward to them. And of course the budding of romance between Jung Joo and Geun Woo.


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