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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Cheese in the Trap Episode 15 - It All Comes Back to Yoo Jung

It continues to frustrate me seeing the path the story goes and the lesson learned the drama wants to share with the viewers regarding Yoo Jung as the main character. At the end of the day, it suggests that it was all Yoo Jung's fault how everyone is in misery. The term "karma" [the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.] is obviously the theme of the story in connection with Yoo Jung's actions and that sooner he will have a taste of his own medicine. 

But then, I want to protest that it should not be Yoo Jung who should be blamed for whatever results that come or happen in people around him particularly the accident that happened to Seol. Again, I want to reiterate, those people around Yoo Jung who have been taking more than they should have from him, like time, favor, generosity, even friendship, got what they deserve for the same amount of sincerity [or lack of it] they give to him. They were the first to do him wrong, or in some situation or circumstances that involves Seol. It should not be a surprise that at some point, they would be caught. But still, they could not comprehend what they did wrong but point finger to Yoo Jung who took action against them. This gets more annoying and defeats the purpose of learning from their own mistakes.

Episode 15 showed a short backstory of Yoo Jung's childhood. I don't find any wrong in what Yoo Jung as a child did to another child [girl] and it is not unusual for a boy like him to be irritated enough to push the girl. It is a common action of any children. He tried to play with her, she broke his toy, she kept on pestering him to continue to play, he pushed her, these are normal interaction between children. I find it more odd and alarming that his father made Yoo Jung keep his emotions bottled up inside him and to smile even in that kind of situation. He taught Yoo Jung to fake his feelings, to be a hypocrite in expressing his true feelings. No wonder Yoo Jung kept it all in, an d would only result to manipulating situations in order to get back to those he found infuriating and exasperating. His father made him a cold person that he is. Lonely and alone, suffering from not openly expressing his true emotions.

Yoo Jung and Seol on Sang Chul...

Seol telling Yoo Jung not to do any more underhanded schemes on people tells that she has not fully understand where Yoo Jung's coming from. Her request to him makes it look like at the end of the day, it would still be Yoo Jung's fault whatever results happen to other people like Sang Chul. Personally, I find it off that she said those words to Yoo Jung. However, it is a good advice to him not to deal with anyone anymore. But it would be impossible for him not to act when some things keeps on involving him and Seol. 


Yoo Jung's patience will also reached it's limits towards his colleagues at he office who suddenly took an interest towards him after knowing he is the heir of the Taerang Group. People see him in a new way, taking every chance to take opportunity to be with him for their own personal and selfish agenda. 

Yoo Jung and Sang Chul...

I think that Sang Chul was arrogant and still have not realized what he did wrong. After talking with Seol, Yoo Jung found a way to remedy Sang Chul's future by doing him a favor to work in the company he was supposed to have interview besides Taerang. But Sang Chul was too proud to acknowledged Yoo Jung's effort in righting his actions against him. Sang Chul along with others who did Yoo Jung wrong through Seol, acted like he is the sole victim of the situation. He said things about people who really want to be Yoo Jung's true friends, but he was not aware of how he treated Yoo Jung being a sunbae or a chingu. All these time, he only took whatever he can with the excuse that Yoo Jung is from a rich family and he forgot to give his sincerity. At the end of the day, Sang Chul made Yoo Jung feel it was his fault all along.

The irony of the situation and the story is truly exasperating. It all comes back to Yoo Jung..always.

Despite the rocky romance between Seol and Jung, the drama finally showed progress in their relationship. If only the story veered away from triangular love story, the development of Seol and Jung's loveline will be more faster amidst the intrigues surrounding them. But I like that Seol seems firm in her feelings towards Yoo Jung sunbae. She even bought couple rings to secure their relationship.

In Ho seemed to move on from this episode. 

Thankfully, he has lesser scenes. I think as a viewer, I do find his presence on the screen in the last four episodes tiresome because of too much exposure. It did ruin his character and irked me the way he was always hanging around Seol. Anyway, glad that his scenes were just the right amount and finally wrapping up his story. The sad part, his hand is injured. The irony, he recalled his fight with Yoo Jung...again. Yoo Jung seemed to be the culprit in what's happening in his life. But then, In Ho forgot that he used his fist whenever he wants. He had a fist fight with Sang Chul and with Young Gon. But he could only remember Yoo Jung. 

In Ha...

She is a hopeless case. She made herself be useful to Jung and to his father in exchange for the lifestyle she can not abandon. It was a give and take relationship. But I think she benefited more. She grew up sassy and a brat. She grew up thinking she is a part of Yoo family. It all blew up in her face when she was dragged from the party.

She told lies about Seol on Jung's father. She choose to antagonize Jung by doing it. She should know Jung would not sit and not do something as she continue to live off the privileges of his family. Jung manipulated the scene of the party, inviting her ex boyfriends whom she also took money from. Her mistake is to act superior and cause a scene. These boys belong to the same circle with Jung. Then she said she is Taerang Group's daughter. She crossed the line by being greedy. It is not surprising if she was dragged by security because she was causing a scene. Then she acts as if she is the real victim of the incident.

In Ha lied, she should have known the consequences of lying. She would not give up on the material things Yoo Jung's father has showered her since she was young. She had to beg for forgiveness and to secure her place. But behind all these was her manipulating mind. She was not sincere. She was doing it for her own selfish motives. But she lost. Jung's father does not want to be there anymore for her and for In Ho. His generosity has ran out.

In Ho does not appreciate the things done for them. He has always thought they were pets in that house. But he failed to see the attention given to them and the care they received despite the true meaning why they were brought home. He took it for granted. Now he has the audacity to tell Jung to leave them alone.

I like how Jung told him to leave him alone. But his tone was that of a man who is already worn out. I hope he had said more in that moment. I wish he had been more strong in his appeal and not weak. Because that scene should have been an important one. It should have been a realization for In Ho. That moment should have been a wake up call for the things In Ho and In Ha did to Yoo Jung. It was not Yoo Jung who wronged them. It was them who took away something from Yoo Jung. It was In Ho and In Ha who made Yoo Jung's life miserable for the longest time now. But that scene was weaker and I wish it was not. It seemed like Yoo Jung and In Ho were doing a compromise, thus Yoo Jung accepting the blame put on him from the past and even now with In Ha.


In Ha pushing Seol at the pedestrian lane to get back at Yoo Jung. In Ha chose to be a vicious person. She chose to endanger Seol. Seol was hit by a car.

Everyone is having a taste of their own medicine. But the irony of the story wants Yoo Jung to be the be all and end all of all these mess. Seol being hurt is the "karma" befalling on Yoo Jung.

Ultimately...it all comes back to Yoo Jung!!!

Is this not frustrating?!


Will add more gif later...
Seol and Jung's moments in this episode will be in another post.
I'm in a rush..[lol]

UPDATING with gif

[me and my bad internet connection..will fix and edit later..again]

Jung looking at the party invites

In Ha not getting a call back from Jung.
Well she just pissed off Jung when she told lies about Seol to his father.

Jung was the main topic of gossip in school after learning he is a chaebol's son.
Seol is once again the target of malicious conclusions like dating Yoo Jung for his money.

Couple rings of Eun Taek and Bora...
Seol was happy to see it and consequently perhaps thought of getting one for her and Jung.

In Ho and piano...again. 

[honestly, got tired of In Ho's scenes. not my fault since the PD shoved them all repeatedly at me. could have been nice if In Ho was fed at small doses, though]

random boy spoke to him telling him that it's nice to see him play again.

Bad news..
In Ho's hand needs surgery.
Coz he always uses it for fist fights, it was damaged somehow, but can be healed.

Jung's father telling Jung to stay away from Seol...
wonder why the father believes In Ha over his own son when he knew In Ha's real personality.

In Ho gets to be angry at Jung when he knew how his sister's mind works.
It's okay for In Ha to be a liar and opportunist but when Jung applied his own kind of attack it is not okay.

..ahmmm..so whose the good guy again..PDnim?

Time to walk separate ways...

In Ha confronts Yoo Jung
She sure has victim mentality, only seeing Yoo Jung's fault and not hers...
the truth is
everyone started their mess
Jung only makes them pay back for it.


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