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Friday, October 25, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 9 & 10 SECRET

A late review from mslee. 

My thoughts so far in watching this drama.... 

So glad I really chose this one. Every episode is mind boggling, entrancing, gripping, heart wrenching and almost everything that a good drama makes a viewer feels. I said it before, I'll say it again, I love all 4 characters in this story. They all have every little things to tell. All has their own pains and what's interesting is how everyone is being shaped up by those events that are happening in their individual lives. Among the 4, Yoo Jung though weak is the one staying stronger than any other character. Her flaws made her accept what she is. Her pains made her continue to live.

Episode 9

With the humiliation she underwent at the party for last episode, two different emotions were shown by two men. MH as he covered her protected her from further hurt. While DH whom she trusted with all her heart unveiled what his true feelings for her. 

MH received a very disturbing call, in connection with the tragic hit and run accident involving YJ. His intuitions were getting clearer but without conclusive evidence, they will always remain suspicions and not a fact. Adding to what's already boiling inside him at that moment, he turned his anger towards YJ and shook her. He was frustratingly enraged of what could be the truth being hidden up to that moment. His shout of anger was a jolt putting fear on DH. YJ was bewildered but kept tight lip. While DH was in a panic.

SY who felt MH totally disregarded her feelings as the fiance, voted him out from the presidency at the meeting. I want to say that if I want to be bias, she has a right to inflict that kind of betrayal towards MH. Why? She is a woman, the best friend, the fiancee, and even if business contract binds them together, and she put herself in that situation, I think it is her right to know what MH is up to without stepping on her ego as a woman. 

The great part is that MH lets DH know that he knew DH has a secret. A good play on MH part, making DH rattle and nervous. But because DH somehow developed his own confidence, thanks to SY who always supports him as a friend, he is finding courage to intimidate MH. But between these two men, MH is smarter.

MH continue to stalk YJ. She was getting resentful of her situation she screamed and shouted at him to let her go and run on the traffic not minding the cars speeding by. MH was left shocked at what she could do but fortunately, even though she was bumped by a car, she stood up and walked away. All these was witnessed by Kwang Soo who stood by MH side. What amazes me was how MH responded to what he had just seen. He saw another side of YJ, the fighter, the woman who is not afraid and that made him more fascinated. He smiled mockingly at himself while tears flowed down on his face. I think that moment was a revelation to him of how deep his emotions are for YJ.

How do I describe the meeting between SY and DH parents? I know how shallow the mother is but from a struggling family, it's natural she was amazed by SY's elegance and beauty. What's good about SY, I don't think she is faking her smiles on DH parents. I think because she is sincere in her friendship and her attraction to him, she is as real as she could be. The one facet of her that she hides from MH. If only there are no complications and no tangled lies from the beginning concerning DH, YJ and MH, I can see DH falling for SY deeply. 

DH was getting apprehensive of YJ and MH always seeing each other, he offered a huge sum of money to YJ to cut off her ties to MH. To live far away. He ruthlessly made her feel it is her fault that the past keep getting in the way and it is making him uncomfortable. They shouldn't be saying sorry every time and he is tired already. YJ gave the money to MH. Told him she will pay him back. Not knowing what happened or who maneuvered her being sacked from work, her friends being reported buying and selling imitations, YJ was putting two and two getting an odd answer which was far from the truth. 

She ran away, hid herself from MH and worked as a waitress. But MH has KS who could track YJ. He went to see her. She was surprised but he keeps on hounding her. She was asked to do what he wants or he'll fire DH. Without realizing what he had said, that he is going crazy worrying about her, I think he just blurted out what he feels all along.

Episode 10

She came back to Seoul. She was told to work at the restaurant again. I think by this time, YJ was too tired to argue and just resigned herself to go along MH plans on her. Besides, by having work, she will be ale to pay him back.

The marriage talk between SY and MH continue. Even if MH is not interested and SY knew, she always has something to say to him. If there was anything left between the two of them, it's not friendship but rising animosity. MH is mad that she continue to trust DH or sided with him in front of her, and SY is annoyed that YJ keeps turning up on places where MH was.

There was a food tasting in the restaurant and when MH saw that DH name was included in the guest list he told YJ to take the day off. But she was adamant that she had work to do and continue to serve to MH dismay. Too late, DH and SY saw her already. And of course, she received hurtful words from SY. MH came to rescue and let her go to the kitchen. DH went to see her and asked why she came back. The way he treat her was so cold blooded I wonder why YJ hasn't woken up yet from all the things DH has repeatedly making her feel.

MH was apologetic to YJ, telling her this incident was not his doings but the previous one, it was all planned. DH and MH keep getting territorial on YJ. The best answer of course is that MH knows YJ and him are no longer together and that he, himself [DH] had said she has nothing to do with him. SY over hear MH telling DH that YJ attracts him. Again another ploy of DH to make MH be the insensitive one.

YJ was transferred to the house as the temporary housekeeper, just to indulge MH. She even wrote the summary for the Wuthering Height's. Whatever she was doing, MH eyes followed her. And without her knowing, he seemed pleased. He was smiling. Happy? Contented? Perhaps.

Meanwhile DH and SY kept seeing each other outside work. She was like a girl, wanting attention and DH is sucking to her demands. He let her know his intentions but at the last moment, she slapped him in a playful way, indicating she won't go forward with him.

One of the highlights of this episode was the receipts found in YJ's dad's coat. When she went to the store, she was told a man fetched his dad and it looked like the man she was marrying then.

The cellmate who had been used to take away the child was so guilty she found YJ again and told her of what she has been going through. Of course, forgiveness is not an easy thing to do. But her presence that night became the key to what's been hidden from YJ all along.

DH in his attempt to make YJ get out of his life seek her again and told her that MH is investigating again the hit and run accident. He reminded her that she was the one on the wheels that night and that she chose to take the blame. These words shocked YJ. How could this man utter those words as if she meant nothing to him at least once in his life. He was really acting as if they had never been in a relationship and that she will betray him. Whatever is there between them, definitely there's no love lost.

With a surprising question, she asked him if he was the man who went to the store and fetched her father that rainy night? He denied, unconvincingly. He should have known YJ knew him not only as a person but they were intimate for a long time. She knew he was lying. She told him. He did not care to answer. He drove off.

The cell mate saw DH. And what she revealed to YJ agonized her more. He was the man who blocked her parole. The truth hurts. Nothing will make her feel okay. Finally, she is seeing DH in a new eyes. With the help of the other unni, they got a copy of the cctv on the area where her father was last seen. And suffice it to say, YJ saw who did it.

While being caught in his own lies, DH threw her father's bracelet into the river. He knew he had to clean his tracks. He should not be caught. 

What's saddening is that DH made his own choices. Those choices made who he is. A person who started dreaming a beautiful dream but because of one fateful accident that he chose to ignore, all his consecutive choices were based on that accident that he is protecting for self preservation.

The story is reaching it's climax. Lies are being uncovered. Will MH proceed with the wedding plans? When will SY realize she has no place beside MH but only as a friend?

I was really affected by the last scenes. The way YJ cried her heart out in agony, I felt my heart wrenching, too. That was too much of a betrayal. First her child and the parole, then her father. I don't think she will have the heart to forgive this man, DH even if she gave her life for him at one time. I think now, she will fight. And continue to survive. 

But I hope that through this new knowledge, she will find MH trustworthy.

mslee1107 writing

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