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Sunday, October 20, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] HEIRS Episode 4 Screen caps - Kim Tan Home At Last!

The pacing for me is important. I want it fast paced. Heirs so far is slow moving for me but I think that the story is slowly speeding up on this episode. Some important details I only understand now. I hope that in the next episodes, all characters and their roles will be clear and what's the misunderstanding between Kim Tan and his friend Choi Young Do will be revealed. Even why Kim Won is threatened by Kim Tan's returning to Korea is a puzzle still. He is keeping his feelings to himself and sort of jealous and mad that Tan is the favorite of the people around him. What happened in between?

This episode is the continuation of Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang's short lived chanced meeting. After she returned to Korea, she found their house already vacant, her mother staying in the house of Tan's family. Her mother sort of blackmailed Tan's mother to let her stay in the house with her for the time being. Tan's mother is hiring someone to tail the second wife. Harmless but maybe to secure her position at the house. They keep on fighting and it irritate Kim Won. The funny part is that both women are afraid of Kim Won.

Eun Sang settled in the house and she helped her mother on some chores. She saw how tired she always is. And she felt sorry for her.

Rachel and Young Do still can't tolerate each other's company. And Tan's name puts a strain between them as future step siblings. Another revelation in this episode is that Sec. Yoon, Chang Young's father and Rachel's mother had a past. And I think she still wants him but she will marry Young Do's father instead.

I like the relationship of Chang Young and Lee Bo Na. She maybe the spoiled rich girl and always clinging to him but I like how he treat her as a loving boyfriend. He can tolerate her childishness. I like that. Chang Young can playfully tease her but both love each other. I think he can control her outburst and he will be good influence to her. She is just the typical rich daughter.

Kim Tan became bored in the States. He always think of Eun Sang. In the end, he finally had the courage to come home. What he reflected upon in his life he wrote in his paper and submitted to his professor.

Kim Tan traveled back home, finally!

He went home. His brother was not happy about it. He moved to a hotel, avoiding to be in the same place as Tan, which is their home.

Tan's mother was very happy seeing him. Again, I love the relationship between mother and son here. Although he knew she is just the mistress and her mom can sometimes be annoying, but he loves her and she loves him very much. They have a comfortable relationship.

While staying at the house Tan was always reminded of Eun Sang. Because the house is so grand, it is really impossible to meet. But then he always had a glimpse of someone else's back. And he was intrigue. Missing Eun Sang he decided to send a message when he received the photo uploaded by Eun Sang in her account. Still not logging out  Eun Sang's account from his mobile phone, he can see what she shared. Eun Sang was amused when he keeps sending messages. They were both in the house. When she did not reply after sometime, he was very impatient and keep refreshing his phone.

While walking outside, Eun Sang's mother passed him by wearing the same couple tee he gave to Eun Sang. He noticed the shirt and was disturbed by it. Not to add the back of a girl he kept seeing. He asked his mom about it and she said it was the housekeeper's daughter, named Cha Eun Sang. 

Tan recall what he saw in L.A. and what the sisters were fighting about. He looked into Eun Sangs post and read again that she wants to ruin Empire group because her mother suffers. He connected all the dots and his intuition is getting clearer. He asked where she was, why she wasn't replying. She said she was drinking water. He run from his room towards the kitchen. He was undecided to open, a little bit nervous or apprehensive of what he will see.

He open the door slowly, inch by inch, peeking and there she was, Eun Sang in his house, his kitchen, clueless, drinking water..

End of episode.

Hmmm... I wonder if he will reveal himself. Or will he stay out of her vision. I am looking forward to his next move. She is after all the housekeeper's daughter. His mom may be the mistress but I don't see her wanting someone like Eun Sang to be her son's girlfriend. And Kim Tan is one of the successor.

There are so many characters I still can't recall their names and what will be their contribution in the story. But one thing I see from this episode, Young Do will be interested in Eun Sang.

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