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Monday, October 21, 2013

Preview - SECRET Episode 9 and Translations

Ep9 Preview Translations

Translations may not be 100% accurate due it's translated from chinese,
there may be slight loss in meaning from chinese translations. Excuse me for any mistakes.

YJ: Ah! Oppa! (To DH) Why do you always bully me? (To MH) 
(TN: It seems like YJ asked MH: "Why did you hit him?" or something along those lines.) 

MH: What is the meaning of all of these?
(TN: Direct translation from chinese is "What do you mean by this?" 
but i changed it to make more sense in the context of MH suspicions about YJ shielding DH for his misdeeds )

DH: He's like this because he knows about our relationship.

SY: Shouldn't someone who did things like that apologize?

MH: It should be me receiving the apology.

MH: What is she doing? 
(TN: Direct translations from chinese is: "What did she do?")

Secretary's brother: Who is that woman?

MH: Someone that's been bothering me.

MH: Will there be a secret that can be kept hidden forever? Let us see!
(TN: Chinese translator translated it to: "Use your life and see" but I changed it to make more sense)

DH: Because of you, that guy may link me to the case.

MH: Substitute driver, substitute driver, where did substitute driver go? Kang Yoo Jung!

Chinese Translations Credit: 可爱楠子@Baidu Bar
Chinese to English Translations Credit: c_gunawan541@soompi

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