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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Media Photos - Lee Dong Wook @ MAMA 2014 Red Carpet

Ahm...so I am really stunned seeing the outfit of dashing Lee Dong Wook. It is not what I expected. For a while, I stared at the red pants. Or was it orange? Yeah, so flashy that it somehow clashed with the black and white tuxedo [upper part]. I see that he has a new hair color, more vibrant or is it because of the lighting?

Whatever, it takes some time getting used to his attire tonight at MAMA 2014. Well, I just stared at his handsome face. It's really not bad, it's just not that appealing. Ah, mianhe, Lee Dong Wook. But I think your style tonight is about being in tuned with the idols gathering at the event. For that, I am going to give you a thumbs up for being unique and eye catching, definitely!

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