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Monday, December 1, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The King's Face Episode 3 Review


Prince Gwanghae and Ga Hee finally recognized each other. But then a new twist came when the Vice Premiere who was trusted by the King told that Daedong had committed a crime of treason against the King. All of the people involved in the group were rounded up, even Prince Im Hae and accused of the crime.

Kim Do Chi  is the character that is a bit scary, knowing he was the one who put the group in danger when he sent the thieves to the palace library. He also gathered as much people to continue again  form Daedong. To achieve his mission, he even killed the man who realized he was the one who was the cause of their group to fall apart.

The book of physiognomy was handed down to the King. Ga Hee's father was arrested. It caused misunderstanding. Ga Hee thought Prince Gwanghae betrayed her trust. Her only option was to rescue her father by becoming his concubine. When Gwanghae sought her, he was not able to defend himself. He could not even change her mind. The scene was so beautiful yet heartbreaking. Gwanghae cried his heart out.

The politics continue inside the palace. When the King learned that Ga Hee is the daughter of the supposed to be traitor, he fell into deep thinking. People around him particularly the Queen advised him not to take Ga Hee as his woman because he would then reverse his decision about punishing her father and those involved. In the end, she too was sent as a slave while the convicted for treason was killed. Except for Prince Im Hae who really was not mentioned by the man Vice Premiere killed while interrogation. What they learned was that it was Prince Gwanghae's name that was uttered. He then became the threat to the King's seat.

While on her way to a province inside a cage, Do Chi's group rescued her and killed the soldiers. Gwanghae was too late to arrive at the scene. He saw the jade stone he gave Ga Hee lying on the ground with blood stains. He cried thinking the worst.


The drama is developing nicely. Seo In Guk is playing his character very well. His dramatic moments are all awesome. His cries are really coming inside, making a viewer feel the pain. It is sad that the King is so obsessed with the position and anyone even his own blood is a threat that he would vanished if circumstances arise itself. But the heart wrenching part is that Gwanghae is not ambitious at all to covet the seat. He told his father about it. But his mind was opened up by the philosophy about equality. This became his fascination.

I was just sad that Ga Hee's mind was closed to the possibility that Gwanghae was innocent. She did not gave him a chance to explain. She should have known what kind of man  he is, but then they wer apart for so many years.

The romance is melancholy and I fear that Do Chi will interfere between Prince Gwanghae and Ga Hee. And I see more greed on Do CHi's eyes than being an upright warrior who seeks peace and equality for the country.


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