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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episode 4 Screen caps Review - Realizing She Was Played Too Late

Highlights of the episode

The Ma family abandoned Moon Soo In. The old man, Ma Tae San's strategic plan in which Soo In fell for made her a CEO who embezzled money, has a borrowed name account and in the end transfer all her inherit stocks from her husband to Tae San. It all came down to getting back the stocks from her and making her the one to be suspected of all manipulations inside the company. I thought she would at least be suspicious when she remembered the mistress Aeng Ran's caution on her about trust. But even when she was detained after a long and exhausting investigation by the Prosecutors, no one care to visit her and when they appeared, she was asked to sign the transfer of stocks. At that moment, she only knew and realized that she inherited something from her husband. I thought she would wake up and let them go after her stocks in exchange for her release. But no, her naivety, or was it stupidness, once again surfaced and she signed the documents. Poor Soo In. I think she is not capable of reading people's motives, because she wants to be proven innocent and not greedy by this family who she wants to be a part of. But then, she was sentenced to two years.

While Jo Hee who seemed to realized what her father has done to her innocent sister in law kept her mouth shut. Well, I will understand her. It is her family after all and loyalty to family comes first. But then her conscience is bugging her, made her drink while in the company of Woo Seok and almost blurted out what her family did to her sister in law. But I hope Woo Seok who has met Soo In a couple of times will be able to tell what kind of woman she is. 

It was also the cute girl's birthday as well as her mother's memorial day. Woo Seok bakes a cake for his daughter while the father in law prepared the offering. A simple family gathering to celebrate and remember the sad yet happy occasion.

Soo Poong Geum and Tak Wol Han who she mistakenly knew as Ma Do Jin have gone closer. But then police caught up with her and brought her to the precinct. Wol Han was left alone to wonder where could she be.

Just the same time, Seo Mi O was also at the precinct because accidentally she stabbed Do Jin with the paper knife she was holding. She was so angry towards him and his family. First she was brought to a hospital to abort her child but at the last minute changed her mind. Then the house where she is staying with her father suddenly was bought by Aeng Ran to dispose them. Do Jin could have been a nice boy, but he is spineless and a mama's boy. I can understand why he is that way. No one cared for them but the two of them only. But then, what his mother is doing Mi O is too much, resulting to Mi O confronting her and the accident happened. Aeng Ran is not settling. She wants her in prison.

Shim Bok Nyeo and the harabuji Park Yi Moon had a misunderstanding. When the latter visited her in the prison with his grand daughter Nam Byeol, he asked her why she did what she did, telling the parole officials who were reviewing her case that she will kill the person responsible for her husband's death once she get out. Yi Moon was very disappointed with her and regret their correspondence all these years. The old man was really hurt.

Other characters that are really making me grit my teeth are husband and wife Ma Joo Ran and Park Won Jae. Their greediness is overflowing. The arrogance of  Joo Ran is over the top. Yes, she is one of the rightful heir because she is the eldest but then how much more does she wants? her husband who knew the plot about making Soo In imprisoned is also annoying. His smirks were detestable.

I like the old woman Bok Dam Sik. Soo In's mother in law. She has dementia but there are days when her  ind is clear and she can function normally. I hoped she will remain nice and good towards Soo In in the future when their paths crossed again.

The ending was a hysteria coming for Soo In who finally realized what happened to her pathetic life. She screamed that it was all a lie and that she will come back for revenge. 

Sadly, she realized she was played too late.

Well this drama is showing good development. I want a time jump already. I want more of Soo In and Woo Seok's interaction. Their meeting that started at the wrong foot always ended in a heated confrontation. I want to see them developing attraction towards another.


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