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Saturday, November 8, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] My Lovely Girl Episode 16 Screen caps - Final Review

Hyun Wook and Se Na reconciled in the midst of scurrying people going on their way to catch their train ride. The lovers looked across the at each other after Hyun Wook found her and she saw him standing there. Hyun Wook took the first step, gaining speed as he reached her and embraced her in his arms.

This is the finale scene of the drama, leaving it to viewers satisfied [or not] at the outcome of their romance that has been push and pull for the last 3 episodes. It was like watching a passive romance, which the writer and PDnim compensate for lots of hug scenes to give the love story some spark, but still lacks the warmth and passion that lovers should have.

Is it because Se Na is a bit young for Hyun Wook that the writer chose to minimize the passion that should have been felt and seen by viewers? There are dramas that lack skinships, still the level of romance is high. Or perhaps the storyline dragged that made it dry.

Back tracking...

Well, from previous episodes, the problem arose between them when Se Na did not appear at the airport to go abroad because she learned that Hyun Wook was her sister's boyfriend then. The truth finally caught up with Se Na. But then, they resolve this problem. Because Se Na is so in love with Hyun Wook. But the problem would not end. Hyun Wook's father learned about her and her association with Eun Soo who he was so against then. He told her to stay away from his son. It could never be her. The father collapsed after their meeting.

Seeing that Hyun Wook is having a tough time, Se Na decided secretly what she must do. She wrapped up everything that she needed to do. Even meeting Shi Woo and being nice to him. I do like the friendship they developed between them. If there is non Hyun Wook, I would want her to end up with Shi Woo who has true feelings for her also. I felt bad that he has to be dumped because when they came to know each other well, she is so in love with Hyun Wook.

Without saying anything, she left Hyun Wook silently. She disappeared form all their lives for about a year. But life must go on for the people she left behind. Shi Woo became successful as a solo artist. Her friend is now pregnant, her boyfriend Shi Woo's manager. Hyun Wook becomes a producer. Hae Yoon became the CEO of ANA. Seo Jae Young has the toughest year. He is not succeeding as a businessman, and still arrogant.

Se Na decided to visit Seoul. She went to Hyun Wook's house after learning he is not staying there anymore. But that day, they met. Hyun Wook is still angry at her for leaving her. But deep inside he wanted to get her back. Se Na is staying only for two days, three the most. The last episode was filled with scenes of them mostly. Hyun Wook showing her that finally he is able to write and compose music again and he is dedicating it to  her. Somehow, they are pulled again towards each other and made up as they embraced and kissed. Both showing they still cared towards each other like they used to be. But why is it that Se Na keeps on repeating her decision, to leave Hyun Wook, is something I could not grasp.

I can understand that she feels she had to leave him alone but then she should not have met him again. Se Na became a fickle minded person to Hyun Wook who is a man who remained still, just waiting for her. Well, just because this is the last episode, Hyun Wook found the courage to run after her again at the train station. He also confessed on air in hope that she would hear his words on a radio which she did.

I think because Se Na is still young, she has to feel the security of Hyun Wook's love for her. I don't know. Maybe she thinks letting him go is not a selfish act but really, there is no big problem hindering them to be together. So, I find the ending too plain. The drama on the whole is a mellow one and there is more sadness than happy atmosphere. I wish I could have found myself smiling more while watching the drama.

I am not sure If I will recommend watching this. But I am sure that I won't be watching this again. It's enough that I watched this once and waited for the ending. I just wish Rain had a more beautiful storyline for his comeback. 


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