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Sunday, November 2, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Misaeng Episode 6 Screen caps Review

Misaeng  always makes me ponder each episode. It leaves a message that makes a viewer learn or remember values that are often taken for granted. Sometimes it jolts awareness to what reality is nowadays.

The highlights of this episode is about trust. Trust that you give to someone you expect not to abuse or make fun of. Trust that friendships from long ago or formed by frequent interactions will stay true between parties involve.

The episode started with Baek Ki coming early in the office. His background was showed as a child walking in front of a establishment where an ahjussi was always cleaning the pavements. Somehow it showed that his path to achieving his dream is marked by a good surrounding, all clean, no humps, taking each step on the direction he thinks best suits him and his capabilities. As a person, he value his own knowledge and look down on those who seemed weak and gullible. He smirks and looks down on those who are unsure of their worth and not firm in their decision. Just like Mr. Park who is responsible for one of the shipping company that their company deals with. Shipments are always delayed and most times, the promise they gave to Mr. Park is not met. It resulted to him being scolded for not doing his job properly or dealing with the company firmly.

The stituation calls for Mr. Park to handle the trainees, Baek Ki and Geu Rae to be brought with him to the site or to the company to talk again about the delayed shipment. A way for these two to learn the works. But Baek Ki who witnessed Mr. Park being scolded was not happy about going. He is not interested because he thought he won't learn anything from Mr. Park.

Geu Rae is different though. He is warm and maybe because he is also ignorant, he is interested in anything Mr. Park advised them. Once they reached the company, they overheard the responsible person inside talking about not prioritizing their company. It seemed that this man is only fooling Mr. Park who easily believes their promises. Geu Rae gave him courage to speak while Baek Ki decided to go back to the office. It may be serious or critical for the company, Mr. Park may take full responsibility, but Geu Rae told him to take charge and confront them.

It ends with Geu Rae taking action. He asked someone to call him from the office. He told about the problem and that they will all go back to the office to resolve it. The legal team from their office gather all the documents needed, found out that the shipping company has repeatedly delayed shipments without being responsible for the expense and fines. Geu Rae was asked by Mr. Park to accompany him inside the meeting, to which nosy Suk Yool witnessed and immediately relayed to Young Yi and Baek Ki. An opportunity that seemed advantage for Geu Rae. And really, it is a good experience for someone like Geu Rae. At this point of the story, it makes me smile because Suk Yool knew Baek Ki enough to get reaction for his own fun.

Mr. Park at first was confident to lay all the blame on the shipping company but in the end, because he is a very good man who knows his faults and weaknesses, also take responsibility of the outcome. The good thing about it, he was not reprimanded or demoted or fired and the shipping company was given a new drawn contract to continue the business with them.

Mr. Park was grateful for Geu Rae just as Geu Rae felt sorry that he can not do anything for him. Baek Ki witnessed the scene. I wonder if he learned anything from it and from Geu Rae. Or that he thinks same feather flock together?

I hope he sees that being presumptuous and arrogant did not help him to be appreciated by people who have worked in the company for so many years. Geu Rae may not be in the same league as him, but slowly, his warmth and care for his superiors are being noticed.

Just like what happened in Mr. Oh and his supposed friend from the past. Because he trust what they had, he thought everything will be easy like getting the contract the company is waiting. He assumed that because this man is a friend, who he is so glad to see after all these years will treat him nice and good. But no. He let them wait...and wait only to turn down the contract in the end. This man is big time now. Not the friend Mr. Oh remembers. Seemed like this friend has a grudge towards him and this is the right time to rub his success.

Gue Rae also witnessed this kind of betrayal. He was there with Mr. Oh. Everyday, Geu Rae is learning. Not only about office work but etiquette and about people. About life. In the midst of these, the relationship between him and Mr. Oh is progressing in a positive way. Sales Team 3 is the only cubicle in the company so far that has intense moments yet at the end of the day, the camaraderie can be felt without boundaries. Geu Rae is a part of the team. And he is being treated as one.

Trust is necessary between two parties not only in a trading world. But it also should not be abused. You can not just rely on trust. Because once it is taken for granted, you have to be responsible for the outcome you should have at least anticipated if others misuse it.


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