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Thursday, November 6, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage Episode 8 Screen caps Review


1. Myung Yi announced her wedding to both Eun Cha and Gi Young. While Eun Cha was perplexed, Gi Young remained cool. I think she somehow anticipated already the news. 

2. While delivering the news, Eun Cha peed. I think it should have been funny to see a man like him be humiliated like that, but maybe I saw his anxiety, his restlessness, his self esteem suddenly dropping and his gratefulness towards Gi Young that I pity him instead. He realized too late that he was an arrogant fool and felt relief that he was saved. Although he was skeptical why Gi Young is helping him, even not letting the staff and crew see him in that pitiful state.

3. Tae Yeon's father was so angry that he gathered all his belongings in the foyer of the house and put gas on them ready to burn everything. Sun Nyeo stopped him in time.

4. Gi Young heard the conversation of the nurse and her friend Yeon Hee in the other room when she went for check up. She went inside the room and pour drink on the nurse's face to show her support to her friend. That nurse is the other woman of Yeon Hee's husband. In this scene, Yeon Hee has no words to say, maybe she realized her faults as a wife but at the same time felt helpless that her marriage has come to an end and their child will be in between.

5. Tae Yeon and Myung Yi made a contract regarding their wedding. He first asked her not to lie or else he won't wed her and abort the child. I thought I read Myung Yi's real personality but then she told him that she only wants his money and what he can do for her. She also told him she is not in love with him. Even with this truth coming out of her mouth, I just can not agree totally that she is that cunning. I mean yes, she is but I still think she likes him and if only he likes her back then her schemes and  insecurities will not eat her and overpower her feelings making her the woman that she is now. Still when they visited the parents, Tae Yeon was denounced by the father.  The mother made Myung Yi went to a hospital, checked the baby and asked the doctor if there is a chance that they can do DNA/ paternity test. But it would still take awhile after the baby is born or extracting some fluid from the fetus which is illegal.

6. The mother then went to the station, met the President, asked for Gi Young and when the two met, she asked the same thing of Gi Young. This is putting Gi Young in a difficult situation. She wants to protect her child and not be taken away from her in the future.. But Tae Yeon is being stubborn, not signing the waiver and instead adding a condition that she will not marry in the future, which is really absurd and not acceptable to Gi Young.

7. A plan to ask Eun Cha to be a father figure for her child. But Eun Cha is not accepting it even if Gi Young has been nice to him and helpful. He is so scared of being entangled with a woman again after what happened with Sun Nyeo. Well, he is still scared of the woman, especially when she heard him and Gi Young talking at the restaurant Yeon Hee frequented. 

Sun Nyeo was so mad at Eun Cha that she asked the temporary husband to do something to Eun Cha. He then rode a motorbike and drove towards Eun Cha who got hurt. Eun Cha was rushed to the hospital and into surgery. Like a wailing baby, Eun Cha became a little boy. But Gi Young still helped him.

8. Weeks passed, Gi Young's stomach grew while Tae Yeon and Myung Yi shopped for household necessities.  Once, they all met at the parking lot of the building they all share and that's when Myung Yi whispered to her that she is likely to be the mother of Gi Young's child because that was what the fortune teller told her.

A sign that Myung Yi will be a problem for Gi Young in the future once she becomes the legal wife of Tae Yeon. Her child will be at risk of being taken away from her.

9. At the wedding day, Gi Young appeared at the entrance.


Some thoughts

At this point of the story, I am positive that Eun Cha is the only answer to Gi Young's situation. I know Eun Cha is not the best option for all his bad traits but I think the writer has been exaggerating him from the start so any positive turn of event for him is not easy to accept. But then, in this episode, he has become almost human. He lost his confidence which is a good start at making him realize he has been an ***hole all this time. He got help from Gi Young whom he used to bully. Gi Young is protecting his pride which is something to be really grateful about. Eun Cha seems to be the only candidate to help his hoobae, although at this time, he is not accepting any favors from Gi Young. But Gi Yung has seen through him despite his detestable attitude. She knew Eun Cha inside and out. She knew his strengths and weaknesses. She can use him to her own advantage. I think that  Eun Cha can protect her to the fullest if they can come to an agreement that will benefit the two of them. And this is what I am looking forward to. How their agreement will turn to something if the story will progress that way.

I think Tae Yeon and Myung Yi reunion is something to be seen. Both had their own agenda, selfish as they seem. But both are getting along with their compromises. Tae Yeon is too childish for Gi Young. He is too weak for her. And just as how he took care of his revenge against Gi Young by sleeping with another woman, even if he was seduced or not tells about his sense of loyalty. Gi Young may have fooled him or hurt him badly, maybe his pride along with his heart but Gi Young never stepped out of boundaries. 

I am looking also with anticipation how Myung Yi and Tae Yeon's mother will be like in the future. Although the preview shows that the wedding might end up disastrous and not proceed, still I like to see how Myung Yi will handle the turn of events. She is very good at scheming and hiding her true feelings. As I said, I still don't buy that she does not like Tae Yeon. If I am wrong, then I will see. Actually she is an interesting character because she always surprises me with her plans.

I pity Yeon Hee. Being a working mother and wife is not easy. She can accept her share of the blame why her marriage fell apart but seriously, fidelity lies in the part of the husband in this case. He not only cheated on her, he made his woman be a part of his family and his daughter's life which is despicable and shameful on his part. 

The drama has been good at showing what marriage is in the real world.


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