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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cha Yoon Seo and Kim Do Han in Good Doctor Episode 8

I know that Good Doctor is about conquering disabilities and fears of Park Si On, the talented and genius with a Savant disorder. He came in the hospital as a resident through the Director Choi Woo Seok but almost everyone is questioning his capacity as a doctor.

But my  focus is on these two other doctors, Cha Yoon Seo, a resident in her 4th year and Kim Do Han, the surgeon and professor of the resident student doctors. They are in a sunbae-hoobae relationship but maintain their professionalism inside the hospital. Cha Yoon Seo being the oldest resident in the pediatric section handles the assignments of the other residents including Park Si On. 

She has feelings for her sunbae but Kim Do Han  is already engaged to Yoo Chae Kyung. Although I don't see any spark whenever this couple is together. And his work as a surgeon is more important than any activities lined up by his fiancee. Even on vacation, he is restless and can't stay by Chae Kyung. 

In episode 8...

Kim Do Han is bothered by something offered to him by the vice director Kang Hyun Tae. He is thinking about it seriously. But what's interesting, he chooses to talk with Cha Yoon Seo instead of his fiancee. He wants to know if Yoon Seo believes and trust him. The moment with just the two of them is so awesome, the chemistry is filling the screens, it made me grin widely.

I wonder if that moment will be the starting point of another chapter in their relationship as friends. He told her that he missed his friend. That is something worth pondering about. But in the meantime, Yoon Seo is not in any way feeling romantic about it maybe because she had realized before that her longtime infatuation with him is over. He is already engaged.

More situations comes up in the pediatric section and again it will involve Park Si On. Yoon Seo has designated herself as his noona and always look upon him, to Kim Do Han's surprise. 

Kim Do Han is realizing how Park Si On has affected Cha Yoon Seo as a doctor. And she is happy about being able to help Park Si On.

I wonder if the story will go towards my wish. For Kim Do Han and Cha Yoon Seo to realize they have feelings for each other. Because as a viewer, I see that as of now, Yoon Seo looks at Si On as her dongsaeng, younger brother only.

Moments that made me smile and always look forward to every episodes...


  1. long time no comment mslee, hope youre doing fine =) I follow your comments at MTT thread though :D

    can i just say first : I fell in love with Prof Do Han (DH) almost instantly kyaaa <3<3<3 hahahaha... thanks again for that first post where you write that both JooWon and ChaeWon were studying their role thoroughly, cause that plus all those worries about MTT actually forced me to watch Good Doctor. Although I was literally overwhelmed and literally once again in a roller coaster everytime I watch a medical drama, i am enjoying every minute of it.

    these 2 moments were YS and prof DH : first that adorkably lovely lovely moment where YS was happy SO was accepted back, and the bonding thing after SO's party are my fave moments so far.

    although...*sigh* I m really super torn cause I really really love YS-SO chemistry as well.. so otoke otoke otoke..hahahaha

    cant write much for now mslee, thanks for recaps and your comment here ! :D

    ps : i just dropped a comment at flamingho for the first time and the dissapearing thing happened again, but this time I remember I pressed backspace, eh but why does my comment dissapear, i mean im still typing inside the comment box right...hahaha. well just to let you know though.... *waves*

  2. hahahaha..thank you again. i was busy with something and I was guilty not writing about the dramas I posted, only photos, so just awhile ago I decided to make a quick post about YS and DH. Well, they make me giggle whenever I see them both on screen...ottoke? but I also love Si On. he makes a viewer wants to protects him. well, see you at the thread at MTT. what's your profile sig there? :))

  3. ..sig as in signature right, you mean ID right?..no no no..noo.. I havent registered yet mslee.... apart from my password issues, Im also ... borderline AADHD, if I join soompi, Im never gonna finish my mountain of errands.. I cant even stay off Youtube for even one day... hahhahaha:DD its OK mslee, maybe after MTT starts OK :D Am really grateful for all of the members that diligently keeps on updating, and the oh-so-hilarious comments ! :DDD

    guess when I completely fall in love with Prof DH.. that moment in episode 2 when after giving that look to SO, then he turns to YS, then he made that adorable 90o turn, eye and body, to get that cologne for YS.. bwahahaha... that just does it for me.. now come to think of it.. kinda remind me of Ross from Friends :DDDD

    thanks again mslee.. you take care OK .. mslee Fighting ! :D

  4. lol! aj so you like FRIENDS, too! ME TOO!! hahahaha... AADHD! I laughed reading this! okay I understand your predicament. yup, it's hard to stay away, right? :))