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Saturday, February 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps - Ok Taecyeon Surprised Roommates With His Visit

mslee is a fan of this handsome man. Everytime I see him on screen, I do tend to watch him and his dramas.

This episode of Roommate is going to be my favorite and will definitely watch this again and again.
He was invited by Jackson, a fellow JYP to help him cook breakfast that morning. Previous night, the Roommates were in a festive mood, drinking and talking the whole night. It's no wonder the house was a mess when Taecyeon arrived. Roommates were still asleep in their rooms except for Jackson who woke up early.

Love how Taecyeon's presence in the house made the girls flustered seeing him as they opened their eyes in their sleepy and half awake state. Without any make up, faces a bit bloated, they tried to hide under their blankets, embarrassed. YoungJi was so star strucked she could not believe he was really in front of her. Sunny even shouted his name after he left her room, rattled that he saw her bare faced.

He made French toast but Gook Ju and Joon Hyung another JYP colleague requested some more. He grumbled that he is not a cook but still he cooked. He even helped Sunny to tidy up the place which he called a pigsty.

Well, he is just so cute, eating with the Roommates at the table with breakfast he made for them as he listened to bickering between Jackson and Young Ji. He find them cute. Young Ji performed Mama Mia with blushing face. Taecyeon danced with Gook Ju with 2PM's old song. The atmosphere was so nice and full of laughter even if some Roommates were not close to him or he just met them.

Well, his smiles are all a feast.


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