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Thursday, February 12, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] SPY Episode 10 Screen caps Review

Highlights of the episode...

Hwang Gi Chul and Kim Sun Woo met. Sun Woo pointed a gun at Gi Chul but he could not pull the trigger, not even when Gi Chul dragged his hands with the gun on his head. Gi Chul persuaded him to join him and he promised his family would live a normal life.

Sun Woo was so confused. He decided to stay at Yoon Jin's apartment. His mind was full of thoughts. He still could not face his mother. Yoon Jin sensed that something is bothering Sun Woo but she did no asked him. Perhaps she knew what it was, or perhaps she does not want to know so that she could keep her silence. 

The new man from the North Korea asked one of the comrades to put a tail on Gi Chul. He is suspicious of Gi Chul. Song Joong Hyeok talked with Hyun Tae and told him about the supervisor. This supervisor seems to be Hyun Tae's currently enemy. This unknown supervisor did something to Hyun Tae that he held a grudge towards him. Joong Hyeok is putting Hyun Tae in an operation but hiding the fact that if anything happened Hyun Tae will take full responsibility. Hyun Tae managed to leave his phone at the office where Joong Hyeok was speaking with their superior and eavesdropped through the phone. He now knew what they plan to do to him.

Sun Woo discovered the written confession of his mother. Hye Rim wrote it the night he did not go home. He also listened to the recorded conversation between Gi Chul and his mother.

Yoon Jin was tasked to kidnapped Sun Woo's dongsaeng [sister] She went to the school where she studies and asked her to go with her for a snack. She told the sister that they will meet Sun Woo. BUt on their way to meet the man who ordered her to kidnapped the girl, Yoon JIn changed her mind and told the taxi driver to go back to school.

By that time, the team of North Korean spy were all around Sun Woo's house. They were there to take Hye Rim who was inside the house alone. Sun Woo met Gi Chul. He held the gun at his back, gathering courage to pull it and maybe shoot Gi Chul.

Next episode should be another intense episode. While Sun Woo faced Gi Chul, Hye Rim would fight alone the team who are out to get her. Will she be able to run away and escape? What will happen to Yoon Jin after she abandoned the task>

I really hope Yoon Jin would make her confessions now to Sun Woo. It would make Sun Woo's works and plans more concrete and he will be able to act intelligently if he knew the truth.

So far, up to this episode, the story is flawless. 


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