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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] PUNCH Episode 15 Screen caps Review

It's ironic that everyone in this drama started their career with the same honest conviction to uphold the law and fight the injustice for the people. But then, somewhere along the way, only Shin Ha Gyung stayed pure in following the principles she vowed to protect and act upon.

Amidst the fight to reveal Lee Tae Joon and Yoon Ji Sook's true colors and their crimes, the tumor inside Jung Hwan's head is growing and symptoms of more pains are now being felt as his visions are affected and headaches keep coming. His speech is getting affected also but he is trying to grit his teeth to endure all the pains to continue his battle.

They have to find the tail of the money that Lee Tae Joon had spent on bribery and other expenditures that he made. Ha Gyung remembered that the bus driver's wife who turned her back on her was bribed by receiving money for a new store that will help her family financially while her husband is recuperating. 

She met with her and the wife was apologetic to what she had done to Ha Gyung. Ha Gyung asked her for help and told her that she can either turn herself in for investigation or Ha Gyung will be forced to file a law suit against her. But Ha Gyung has faith in the wife that she will cooperate with them. She was not disappointed. The wife is ready to give up the food store and start all over again in return to testifying about receiving money as bribe form Lee Tae Joo. But then Jung Hwan remembered a case from before where the same bribe had happened but because it was a testimony only without a back up proof, the effort was all wasted.

Now they have to corner Jo Kang Jae to give the wife again a sum of money and then they have to catch him in the act of giving. They asked the owner of the building to cooperate with them and told Kang Jae that the wife will have to evacuate the store if the money will not be given immediately. Kang Jae went to Tae Joon for help but Tae Joon was too cautious at the moment because of Yoon Ji Sook.

Yoon Ji Sook has been announced as the independent body that will investigate the 27 billion money that Park Jung Hwan was being charged with. Yoon Ji Sook is planning to scare Lee Tae Joon unless he gives her a copy of the list where he spent the money. Or else, he will have to take the stand or investigated. It's a game between these two. Yoon Ji Sook has to has her own proof in case Lee Tae Joon betrayed her with the chip he still has.

Lee Tae Joon is getting annoyed with Yoon Ji Sook and her arrogance. She insinuated at the media about the possibility of investigating the Prosecutors to help solve the case. Lee Tae Joon once again had to succumb to Yoon Ji Sook's lethal warning and gave her a copy of his expenditures which she personally cleared if they were true.

Prosecutor Choi was asked by Jung Hwan to be on the site to actually catch Jo Kang Jae with the money on hand but she refused. She is of course not willing to expose herself from working with Jung Hwan and jeopardize her future in case Jung Hwan really lost to Lee Tae Joon. Well this lady is smart and I don't really blame her. She has to stay and choose her best options to move forward. But she is a great help so far to Jung Hwan and Ha Gyung.

Yes, Jo Knag Jae was caught red handed with a briefcase full of money inside the wife's food store. Jung Hwan was outside, waiting for the police officers patrolling the vicinity. He called them to say that inside that store an illegal gambling is currently going on. They barged inside and saw Jo Kang Jae. They opened the brief case and saw the pile of money inside. Ha Gyung and her team arrived on the scene. Jo Kabg Jae was flustered to have been duped by Jung Hwan, He started shouting towards Ha Gyung and this is the funny part. Ha Gyung told him not to talk to her informally and then pointing to Jung Hwan at the other side of the street, reminding Jo Kang Jae that he was once warned by Jung Hwan to be polite to Ha Gyung.

Somehow, the little funny scene has warmed and lighted the drama in the story.

Of course, it won't be a easy to start the investigation on Jo Kang Jae. Even before they enter the interrogation room, Lee Tae Joon and Ho Sung and his men were already asking Ha Gyung to give up Kang Jae, Ha Gyung is firm not to give up because she was the one who caught Kang Jae on the scene and has knowledge of the case. A good thing Jung Gook Hyun arrived and told with determination and conviction to Lee Tae Joon that he will be responsible for the case and the outcome.

It's tough to make Jo Kang Jae talk. He remained silent. Then Ho Sung went inside and got a permit from Yoon Ji Sook to release Kang Jae. Ho Sung was so arrogant in front of Ha Gyung. Friendship ceased to exist between them. They are enemies with different goals.

Jo Kang Jae talked with Lee Tae Joon who was seriously disappointed with him. Just as Lee Tae Joon cherished the moments Jung Hwan spent with him, he also treasure the 20 years that Kang Jae worked for him. He told him to stay hidden for the moment until the noise about the case subsided. But Tae Joon is releasing him already as his man. Kang Jae will be on his own and he will never has his place besides Tae Joon, He hid in a hotel outside Seoul.

Negotiations keep happening between Tae Joon and Jung Hwan but they would not arrive at the same answers. On the day Jung Hwan was to be interrogated by Yoon Ji Sook, he met with her first. They already planned about what to do to stop the investigation. He asked Ha Gyung to delete 10 minutes of the recording when Jo Kang Jae was inside with her. They wanted Yoon Ji Sook to think that something happened between those 10 minutes. Perhaps Ha Gyung was able to get a confesion from Jo Kang Jae. Ho Sung went to see if the record was really tampered. He told Yoon Ji Sook that it was really missing. Jung Hwan is so intelligent as to think this scheme and buy him sometime.

Tae Joon has no other option left but to suspect Kang Jae of betraying him. Yoon Ji Sook went to media and told them about Kang Jae and the money that was caught he was bribing the bus driver's wife and possibly the man behind and an accomplice of Jung Hwan in the missing money.

Jung Hwan has finally turned Jo Kang Jae against Lee Tae Joon. He is the answer to his plans. He fetched Kang Jae before he was arrested.

Two more episodes and I think the climax of the story has come. Will Jo Kang Jae really betray Lee Tae Joon?

Between Lee Tae Joon and Yoon Ji Sook, personally I can still manage to like Lee Tae Joon. He knows about loyalty and taking care of his men. In hard times and happy times he can be a solid support. But of course, he is as cunning as ever. But then, he has always been.

Yoon Ji Sook for me is a lost cause. She has gone a hundred eighty degrees and choosing to be a villain just to stay in power. Her kind are more scarier than Lee Tae Joon's kind. She has a background of rich circles that is hard to fight against with. She wil always have someone to back her up even if she lose her ways. While Tae Joon becomes what he is because he struggled from the start.

Both are despicable but as I said if I have an option to choose who I can tolerate, then it is going to be Tae Joon.


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