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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - JjongAh Couple Interaction @TV Cable Awards 2015

Very happy for the fancams that are being shared, some not by JjongAh fans but with their own biases. The sitting arrangement however was crucial in capturing our JjongAh couple while filming their bias.

Made some gif from fancams...

credit to Ally_ 9988 @yt

Yes, the two were engaged in conversations and seemed like they were the only one chatting the whole time of the awards show. Even Jjong was not seen talking to his co actor by his side. He was always tilting his head towards Ah Young. I wonder how the other occupants in the table around them felt? 

I know that he is always silent, but in this kind of environment where cameras where clicking and eyes were intruding, still he could not help himself but make Ah Young feel the most beautiful woman in his eyes that night. He gave her his undivided attention that is so precious considering his personality.

And someone mentioned he was not supposed to sit beside Ah Young because his seat was in a different place. 

JjongAh feels REAL!


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