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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM - JjongAh Last Episode Screen caps and GIF Part 2

I know the program ended for almost two weeks now, but I still have to share these amazing screen caps of the last part of the episode. I am just glad that I won't have to write sad thoughts anymore after that wonderful two day event that JjongAh couple attended last week. All thoughts were suddenly hopeful after that.

Well all the screen caps speak for themselves how closer they have become and how comfortable they were to fool around with of course, Jjong as the one pulling pranks on our beautiful and naive Ah Young. Their glassy eyed looks were full of unspoken feelings of what these moments were actually doing for them. 

The final filming at their roof top house was sad yet fun at the same time. Yes, they were caught unaware of the situation but they got hold of their emotions just right. I like that they stayed cheerful despite their current feelings that time. It was good that they depart while they are on the height of popularity. I know I would not have said these things right after that day it was aired but since almost two weeks had passed, some frustrations and disappointment were already casted away. Maybe they are also on the verge of a new beginning, to farther what the cameras already captured between them, still it is good that if they do feel something towards one another, they can express it without cameras around.

But then the recent events were a testament that friendship was remained, after WGM. They are not afraid to be linked together after WGM which most couples in this kind of programs or dramas try to avoid doing. Mostly, they will just say that they will try to keep in touch but never any sightings of them together. I am just glad that JjongAh did the opposite.

I think once in a while I will still post old photos from WGM's earlier episodes and some gif, too.

For my fellow JjongAh-holics..thank you for visiting this blog. 


For these screen caps Please click the photos for a bigger view.

some gif

Memory Lane

screen caps

The final filming

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  1. thank you for these lovely gifts...miss jjongah so much... love reading your posts...keep it up....