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Friday, December 25, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Ep.15 Six Flying Dragons - Bang Won and Boon Yi

I have been posting a separate blog for Bang Won and Boon Yi interaction in the drama. 


The scene after she saw and reconciled with her brother Ddang Sae. 

She felt down and blamed the world/country for what happened to their fate. Bang Won was there to console he and make her feel she is not alone or that there is hope. This was after they already agreed or somehow resigned to the fact that their fate in terms of romance was going nowhere. He was going to wed another woman of noble class and she would remain the same girl who is a commoner.  

Yet here he was, embracing her, comforting her and just being there for her. Looked like he was truly so into her.

If there would be no future for these two...[yeah I know] then this kind of scenes will always be welcome to feed the romantic part of the story.

I decided to include the wedding day of Bang Won to another woman. The day she, Boon Yi would feel how unfair or cruel their world is with this division in society that put a clear mark on who to wed and who not to wed, just because...

Still, she was there to witness however painful it must have been. He knew for he was not the epitome of a happy groom but rather a young man who was there to fulfill his duty for the greater good of a future he and Boon Yi and their group dream of.

I like how she tried to smile, make him see she was okay.

The beautiful bride...

Moo Hyul may be a fool but sometimes, he could also see or notice if something is wrong...

Remembering how she felt the first time she received the pair of shoes from Bang Won. Whatever meaning behind those shoes, those gesture, now it seemed that they were nothing.



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