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Thursday, December 24, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Ep.14 Six Flying Dragons - Bang Won and Boon Yi

How to secure Lee Seung Gye's support would have to come from the famous non political clan, the Haedongap clan, which basically was Hong In Bang's target to be associated with through marriage. But of course. Bang Won would always have the intelligence to intercept Hong In Bang's plans with an idea that would also be enough to gain the clan's support.

Marriage with the daughter of the head of the Haedongap clan.

An idea that suddenly came to his mind but als made it awkward for him to blurt it out without thought because of Boon Yi's presence. Still, he had to say it.

And she just liked the idea she had to tell him.. or rather rub it in, knowing he likes her. It's not enough that the only way to make their future plans succeed was to marry for convenience with someone he does not know or care about makes him a bit guilty towards Boon Yi, but to see her agreeing to it with non challance somehow irritates him.

Bang Won feeling crazy was somehow cute but also frustrating knowing my otp will surely not end up together, at least in this story.[well, historically, she does not exist]

After talking and laying all the cards with the daughter of Haedongap, Bang Won came to Sambong with a victorious smile. I rather felt sad for Boon Yi but then it does not mean that he will marry for love.

The truth that makes Bang Won feel frustrated is because he loves her. His confession about the possibility of him loving her until he died was a big enough revelation that should make Boon Yi feel glad but it did not.

Bang Won now realized that she rather likes him even though she kept on rejecting him. For him it was not about the social class that divided them because in truth she was not even afraid of him even when she knew he is a noble.

She just does not want to risk her heart.

Of course, she admitted that she loved him too. Oh what a sad reality for these two. 

I love this scene. So much sincerity. But at the same time, futile which makes him crazy.


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