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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Oh My Venus Episode 8

Episode 8 was like a new chapter in the story.

For the first time, Kang Joo Eun faced the real Kim Young Ho, not the coach she knew, not the sexy namja who has been teasing her senses all through those tedious exercises but a totally different one. He apparently is their client, the soon to be announced new director of Gahong company.

It was a surprise.
She thought she knew him. This caught her off guard, not realizing in the process that she became vulnerable in front of him and the rest of the team who was there as she walked out of the room.  It was a moment she could not handle naturally, confidently as if there was nothing unusual. It felt she had to breathe because it was suffocating her.

Of course, he followed her. Somehow, his way of apologizing to her. It was not how he hoped to be found, well I was assuming for the way he reacted to her and negative reaction.

Work must come first so Joo Eun went back inside the conference hall and meeting was resumed. 

Now more than ever, she felt how out of her league he really is. Even if he wanted to talk to her for a moment, Chief Min and the rest of his entourage were already waiting for him for his next schedule.

The cute boys...

Guess the girl was so happy to be doing the CF with skinships on the side...
knowing she was so into him...

Joo Eun went to her hometown to visit her mother and the new opened restaurant of her brother. She worked for awhile, trying to pass the time. But when night time came, she was troubled. Young Ho went after her and wanted to meet her.

Well, who could resist him, certainly Joo Eun who already could not stop herself from liking him.

Reconciliation need no explanations.



Will he really let the media expose Young Ho as John Kim...

Boys are bored...without their venus around.

As if she is their energizer her presence make them happy bouncing from seemingly lethargic positions.

Teases the viewers with seemingly sexy exercises...

Young Ho meeting some of the board directors, his father's in law and Woo Shik.

Joon Sung was asking a favor to Joo Eun, something personal.

Joo Eun found out how Young Ho has been dealing with his own pains alone. He was assessed as perfectly fine, healed from his illness but his trauma became a psychological problem that no one and nothing can cure unless it goes away or it stops by itself.

For now, he is enduring and Joo Eun saw how he is suffering alone, hiding away. It was something that shocked her and at the same time feel empathy towards him.

She could not do anything for him which makes it more painful to watch.


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