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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Glamorous Temptation Episode 18


1. The plan to go abroad was cancelled. Hyung Woo met the Prime Minister at the prosecutor's office thinking Hyung Woo was there to submit evidence that would finally make the Prime Minister admit to his secret slush funds. But he was there because his mother put a travel ban on Eun Soo.

2. The Prime Minister has been having wonderful dreams of Eun Soo. Even without admitting, he was not really happy to see her go but he had to let her go.

3. A  farewell party was suggested for the couple. But turned out that this party would be disastrous.

4. Mi Rae took a nap inside Il Joo's bedroom. Her husband was playing with Mi Rae, seemed that he was really enjoying the company of the kid and left her there draping his own jacket over Mi Rae. The girl woke up found herself alone, saw papers inside the jacket and opened them to see the familiar documents her mother was holding at home with yellow flowers drawn on them. The gril thought it was her mother's and decided to bring them to her but Il Joo saw her and the papers. Il Joo asked her to give them to her but the child only ran away from her clutching the documents Th girl hid from Il Joo, put the documents in one of Il Ran's bag, the yellow one and went outside only to be chased by Il Joo telling everyone at the party that the girl stole her wedding ring which made Moo Hyuk, her husband smirked knowing the real reason why she was chasing the girl.

5. The unthinkable happened. Mi Rae got hurt when she lost her balance at the stairs while everyone was looking at her, staring at her as if she was a bad girl.

6. Eun Soo who was with Hyung Woo rushed to see what the commotion was only to find out her daughter slumped on the cold stone floor, unconscious and hurt.

The twist of the episode was really unexpected but at the same time it was somewhat going to be the turning point of the story. A mother's vengeance will surely follow and I think it is time for her to face Il Joo with a much more stronger attitude. High time for Eun Soo to change from being the underdog of the drama and be feisty heroin for a new start.


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