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Monday, September 4, 2017

Mslee’s Thoughts) Song Ji Na's The King Loves - Wishful Thinking

This is for my fellow #won and #wonsan team who have been in love with the thought of Crown Prince Won’s narration “This is the story of me who came to love you more than myself”.

Song Ji Na has written a complicated story between 2 friends who loves the same woman. A drama that has put viewers in a dilemma on who to choose but as the story unfolds half already believed the romance part is a done deal. But for viewers who were pulled by the beautiful lines of Won still hope for an unexpected twist that will make San’s thoughts reveal that in her heart lies Hancheon.

In SJN’s last drama HEALER she created 2 beautiful yet scarred characters. Healer aka Seo Jung Ho aka Park Bong Soo and the heroine Chae Young Shin. Both had a lonely childhood. Young Shin had traumatic experience that she carried buried in her heart in the form of selective amnesia. What is interesting in the drama she fell in love with the night corriere HEALER even if she has not really met him. Then here comes Park Bong Soo (healer) who worked in the same company with her to “spy” more in disguise. He also wanted to protect Young Shin who has unexpectedly creeped in inside his heart without so much effort.

The funny part was that Healer and Bong Soo is one and the same person yet Young Shin had not caught up on it immediately. When Bong Soo confessed his feelings she told him SHE IS IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE.

Now..come to think of it, this sounds familiar. Very familiar. Like San is in love with someone else too. She told Won the CP. In Healer when Young Shin realized that Healer is Bong Soo, it was funny that in one scene she kept on whining that she misses Park Bong Soo. She kept on saying, “Bong So -ya. Bong So - ya.”😂😂😂

Comparing this two drama I suddenly just had this wishful thinking that San likes Hancheon before knowing he is Won the CP. And perhaps she misses Hancheon -ni that is why in her half awake / half sleep state she murmured his name thinking it was a dream.

San and Healer both lost a parent and wanting revenge. Won and Youngshin grew up scarred and sad.

Is it safe to say or deduce that there is a similarity in character story between these two drama? Written by the same writer?

Yes mslee is over thinking and analysing just because she wanted badly a #wonsan OTP.  Take note:.otp not endgame.

But then again this is all wishful thinking on my part as a viewer and as a shipper of the characters Hancheon/Won and San/So Hwa...just like Healer/Bong Soo and Young Shin.

I don’t know what will happen in the story. But here I am can not help but have this wishful thinking.😜


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