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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) #thekingloves Finding that ARTIST's SIGNATURE

Continuing my speculation on the drama The King Loves.

This is not a review. It is my own personal views.

Since i am currently watching #thekingloves i can't help but post personal opinion about the drama here. For those on the other side of the ship...mianhae✌
Haven't seen last night's ep. But since i have been talking about how the drama is very vague on San's part on who she really loves (not particularly talking about the book) i can frankly speak as one of the viewers that San loves Rin. This is a fact just by watching the scenes that we were allowed to see. BUT... Is she IN LOVE with Rin? There is definitely a difference between the two. The latter speaks of romantic love and much deeper.

Rinsan shipper can say that scenes speaks volumes already. But me as a wonsan and a viewer can also say that clues are everywhere but why we only see those? Here comes the never ending debate on who is really watching and seeing the story as what writer SJN tries to relay.

If RinSan is OTP then i can say that WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

If WonSan is OTP then there is a misinderstanding from the point of view of viewers that has been romanticized by the PDnim in terms of visuals because he is responsible for that.

As i have written in my blog comparing SJN's HEALER & THE KING LOVES there are similarities in the character story.

If and i say IF as my only personal opinion i am right... This is because i believe that every artist/writers/musicians have their own theme that they usually prefer. Like a painter if he likes landscape over portrait and what theme he is comfortable working on or love working on. I think the same for writers. They have their own favorite theme and character preference or how they play around it but if a viewer is more than just viewing the drama he would be able to see the similarities of a writer's work. Am i making sense? That's why sometimes we say that this is the work of that artist or writer because this is his signature work.

As for THE KING LOVES this is Won's point of view as narrated in episode 1. Everything is happening through his eyes.
Viewers are allowed to see what he saw. But again..as SJN's signature is on this one i think that she has her own interpretation of the drama. It would be too predictable if she followed the book and no sense in casting a very talented male lead material like Siwan to be the lead.

I think if this is Yoo Ah In as Won...definitely viewers won't doubt who the protagonist and perhaps see what those clues are pointing out. Well this is me and my personal views.

So with 2 weeks only until the finale i am hoping that the drama justified the title and the narrative.

As for the kiss preview...

The prod team had used teasers between Won and San on the point of kissing. Now i ask if this is only to entice the viewers to watch and then switched the otp.

I am definitely SKEPTICAL on the kiss happening between San and Rin. IF I AM WRONG then my whole point of view then is WRONG.

Which will lead me back to rewatching the whole drama again from epsiode 1.

A long post but hoping my wonsan team sees what i see and concluded.πŸ‘€



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