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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Updating...Gif #wonsan The King Loves...

Will update this page...
Mslee is kind of rusty๐Ÿ˜

It is like a reversal confession. When a man say this to a woman it is ๐Ÿ’•

And Won is flustered as he said Okay.

The way he touches her face...

Hancheon - ni is real...
Not a dream

Why does she likes teasing Won in front of Rin?

If she likes him more than Won?
Does not make sense.
Even in this modern day a girl won't act this way in front of the boy she likes...

Funny scenes...

Won's smiles are really nice and cute. He looks endearing. and he is smiling because he is thinking of So Hwa...

he is not interested to see Dan

...but hearing So Hwa is there..

aigoo Won - ah!

definitely interested!!!

the moment he laid eyes on her...

his world suddenly revolved around her...


even Dan realized about it.

making this gif I suddenly realized that Rin is always one step too late because he hesitates.
I think this reminds me of Reply 1988 when Jung Pal was too late going to the cinema and that was when he realized that it was not the traffic that cause his misery but Taek was just too decisive and insistent.

Rin hesitates...
Won is always one step ahead of him.

and they play and bicker by themselves.
This is a testament that from the very beginning not knowing Won is the CP she is already interested in him and has eyes only on him. Why would she play with him if Rin is the one whom she likes? The connection was already built between Won and So Hwa.

This running around with Rin in the middle makes him the third wheel in this scene. Truly, both So Hwa and Won aka Hancheon were the one kind of flirting with each other.

Yeah...subtle flirting disguise as playing around.

Again this scene showed how Hancheon and So Hwa for me is the OTP

This scene is very kdrama cliche and i saw this dozens of times already. 

Won as I said is like Taek in Reply 1988
very persistent
very assertive
very decisive 
very confident

in his feelings for So Hwa.

he never hesitates...
unlike Rin

a step too late

that's why he is there if she falls.

Won knew So Hwa's difficulties and pains

he feels for her...

will add some more.

perhaps in this page or in a new one.

thanks for visiting. 


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