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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Medical Top Team Episode 2 Screen caps

Could only capture few, my internet connection is bad. Will try to update.


  1. sashiburi desu Sunbae, am seeing youre doing really well, updating your blog on full speed...kekek.. Sunbae Jjang !

    Saaankyu so much Sunbae for the shout out, but sorry for not responding quickly to your shout out Sunbae... I actually was quite behind in my carefully-reading-each-post of MTT thread until about page 75 or 76, I did try to catch up until last Thursday or Friday, and did manage until pg 88, where I bookmarked it because I was worried reading ck10z's comment about ripped subs, and was wondering whether the one at good drama was legit or not. but Senpai (fujiwara_mayu @ Flamingho) has already responded to that.

    I did still go to MTT thread but only to quick scan pic, or arts, or gifs, and see if Senpai has update the ratings. I think it was a Sunday when I actually read your shout out (and cursing myself, only 2 pages more and I could have read your post earlier... forgive this slooowww hoobae of yours), and I also fffiinaaaallyy registered at Soompi (turns out that we could register using Google...aaaaah I feel so stupid hahaha) but every time I tried to edit my profile it goes "user not found" so otttttooke.. until today... sorry again Sunbae... its bit crazy here, I havent even watched WGM last episode...

    Sunbae, I ll have limited if not none internet access for the next at least 23 days.. but if I can find a line open, Ill come here first to see your screen caps OK... cause I thinks its bit hard for me to see it in MTT Soompi format.

    so my dear lovely mslee Sunbae who remembers me kekeke, Fighting Always ! :DD
    ..... but take some time to smell the roses OK Sunbae...


  2. hahahaha...okay...go do your thing! and i thought you wee one of the posters already coZ you have the same pic! catch up when you can.:))

    1. Sunbaeeee, Im IN ! got some 2 hour to spare so I thought to try one last time to log into MTT forum kekeke...

      eh Sunbae... I cant find anybody with same pic. eeeeeh but Sunbae how can you not recognize meee... and its not possible for me to not say hi to you... huhuhuh TTT....