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Sunday, October 6, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Secret Episode 4 - Jo Min Hyuk Holds The Reigns

First I want to share my feelings watching this episode. For me, this is the most gripping episodes so far. 
 Episode 4 for me is like one of those dramas you watch where you grit your teeth for most of the scenes. Ahhh..I want to go mad while watching, i want to stop because it was crazy but at the same time I can't! It was frustrating yet gripping, so i guess, i'm hooked!

Even behind bars Min Hyuk continue to monitor Yoo Jung's life and while he stride towards his own success as the next director and trusted man of his father, his contempt, obsession towards YJ doesn't end. It only fuel as time passed by. Love the twist and how MH is playing with DH emotions. He is trying to mess what little is left of the relationship between Do Hoon and Yoo Jung, who in his own way pays his dues by looking after YJ father who is ill and got dementia. Although DH continue to be the obedient son who always appear at matchmaking luncheons/dinners, he keeps his communication to YJ in a discreet way. The child born was a boy and DH got to see him in one of the feeding event organized by Se Yeon.

Anyway, I like all 4 characters. They have their own battle to fight. Besides Yoo Jung, I am liking the character of Se Yeon. I pity her as Min Hyuk plays with her and disregard her feelings. She is his fiancee but I think that between the two families, it is more like the Jo family who is in need of Se Yeon's family with regards to the business. So she is being manipulated. But as of now, she has shown a kind heart despite being wealthy. So I wonder if the way she is being treated by MH will make her fight back and be a scheming brat. But I hope not.

In this episode, Do Hoon and Se Yeon becomes comfortable around each other. DH's guilt towards YJ is still eating him and I see that he still cares for her. But then, if there will be a twist here, I see him falling sincerely towards Se Yeon not because she is rich but from the first moment they met, they had that instant connection that broke the wall between them immediately.

Some scenes that makes me go crazy are the scenes where YJ wa being bullied inside the cell, her trusted friend I think betrayed her when she lost her child. It was taken away against her will and she knew nothing what happened and why. MH knew she was up for parole but interfered by some connections or bribing and I think it had to do with the disappearance of the child. He also tempted DH with helping him work as a true prosecutor. This resulted to voting YJ not to be released early. DH was one of the panel in reviewing her case. At the end, he was given a watch by MH. All along I think DH hasn't realized yet that MH knew all along his association with YJ and that he is the father of the child. MH is holding the reigns here and deciding the fates of these two separated love birds. More on the revenge towards YJ but he is doing it with DH aide.  Little that MH knew that he is helping DH to inch his way up the ladder just to make YJ suffer more that when the time comes he knows the whole truth. it was like he helped the one person who had something to do with JH death. What an irony!

As the time passes by, it was time for YJ parole and MH was there outside witnessing her walking out of prison. But surprise, surprise, DH was there to fetch YJ. They embraced while MH was looking through the rear view mirror. 

A new beginning for Yoo Jung awaits. The search is on for her lost son. But through this all, MH will still be there, watching, maneuvering and will surely continue to make life hell for YJ. He just won't let go. 

And I wonder if this mad obsession of his will be the turning point of love in the future. Because there's only a fine line separating these emotions. And where will be DH and SY go?

I think I am going to watch this drama til it ends. Almost all the ingredients of a 'melodrama' is in here and it draws the right emotions for the right scene.

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