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Friday, October 11, 2013

Medical Top Team Episode 1 - First Impression

Just came from a medical drama and onto another one. The thing is, I have been waiting for this MTT pilot episode since I read KSW, JRY and JJH joined the casting. I believe that they will put justice to the drama. And yes, I was right!

Watched it live Monday night but due to bad internet connection, I could not make screen caps and the scenes passed by without me understanding any of what's happening. It's just faces and scenes. Fortunately, the good subbers had been able to share as fast as they could the episode 1. 

First impression? Good. Much better, personally. or maybe I am a bit biased already, I don't know. But what's interesting is that I find the story engaging and it doesn't only deals about the medical terms and the works inside the OR. I love how personal struggles of every characters were put in and being discussed.

Park Tae Shin. I find his character nice, easy to talk to and very sensitive to what is happening around him. He is also caring. He was in a hotel, where the same group of people/doctors from KU was celebrating and having their event about putting up the best of Medical Top Team. PTS was being scouted in another hospital. Currently he is giving a free service to a small clinic at the province. But when he asked the person he was with if he could bring a child, Ba Wee with him because she needed advanced medication the clinic could not provide, it simply described him as a caring doctor. Not just a doctor but one that is very much committed to his job.

Han Seung Jae, the successful surgeon in KU. He has a complicated past that could or is affecting his personality and his goals. He is a grandson of the Chairmanr. The Vice Director, Shin Hye Soo is the legal wife of the son of the Chairman, but it seems that the son is a womanizer. Interesting how Hye Soo and Seun Jae are working harmoniously at the hospital. She is even supporting his ideas about Top Team and has high regard for him as a doctor.

Han Seung Jae is attracted to one of the doctors in the hospital, Seo Joo Young. He is looking after her and always supporting her. But Joo Young is a stubborn one. She wants to be acknowledged on her own and not because of HSJ. But they have a close friendship. Not sure though if she reciprocates the feeling or just too polite and have so much respect for HSJ.

The Meeting

An emergency acured that time in the hotel where PTS was also there. A waitress suddenly collapsed and call of duty, PTS immediately hurry on her side. But JY as a doctor was adamant he step aside and call 911. PTS was also stubborn and told her he is a doctor and proceeded. 

The  fisrt meeting between these two is kind of explosive. Both not giving in yet different personalities. He is cool while she is feisty. But I think on that moment, he impressed her much. He stole her attention. And that was cute. I have a feeling that romance will be not easy for these two, knowing she is a bit serious on the side while he is some kind of a naughty one. The teasing type.

Other characters have their own good screen time as well. Kim Sung Woo is protective towards Choi Ah Jin. When being scolded by JY, he let himself take the blame. Cute but I guess AJ is unaware of him. 

In the OR, the last scene where PTS had to operate Ba Wee in an emergency, of course, it was approved by HSJ, AJ almost collapsed on the table while attending the operation. PTS was a bit surprised but due to his nice personality, he let her go and not scold her. Just made her aware that she should be alert. And I think PTS just made a fan out of AJ. 

Another intriguing aspect of the drama was the conversation between PTS and his director at the clinic. PTS has a bilogical parents he doesn't knew and so far he is not interested to find. I have a feeling that when he joined the TOP TEAM in KU, he will find the truth about himself. Maybe he is related after all to the womanizer son of the Chairman? Hmmm...

So far, the drama is good. Lots of details yet to show. And as a viewer, I am loving the chenistry of these three main cast. Looking forward to more intrigues.

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