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Thursday, October 10, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Secret Episode 5 - Staying Stronger Against the Odds

Episode 5 

Yoo Jung was finally released from prison and without knowing Min Hyuk was outside, waiting in his car, witnessing the reunion of the couple, Do Hoon fetching her. A sight that brought sinister and perhaps distaste to MH. he had always known about the relationship but it amuses him why DH kept it from work and even took his bait when he offered him first the room for success and then much later the watch which symbolizes the denial or prolonging YJ stay inside the prison. She could have walked out sooner but no, DH voted against it without her knowledge.

Again MH is somehow obsessing over YJ and her relationship with DH. He wants to prove that there is no such thing as love. It was what happened to him and JH. When he lost her, he felt so guilty he is easing his emotions to YJ and he wants to see them break up. He keeps on dangling opportunities to clueless DH who even though pissed and wants to continue being a good prosecutor, maybe his way of amending his wrongs, here is MH always beckoning him.

The anticipation of YJ towards San Hee, her child that was taken against her will then was so strong she kept on talking about it with DH in the car. But he kept silent. When thy reached the orphanage, a document was held out to her stating the child died. It was more than she could handle. She thought her baby was living fine but no. She could not accept this fate that ascended on her again.

All DH could do was console her. But a mother who longed for her child needs to cry her heart out. This is something of a mystery once again. Another secret that is interlaced in this drama. Is it true the child passed away? Only time can answer this. But as the story continues, it seemed that it did.

DH parents even though understand YJ, advised DH to let her go as soon as. But DH with his guilt or love, I am not sure, doesn't want to. Some scenes still showed he cares and misses her. Maybe he sticks to her because it is too much painful to let her go and he just can't accept that he is a bad man after all. He tried to be a good man. He wants to be a good man. I think deep inside, this is DH dream and aspirations even before he became a prosecutor. But that fatal accident altered his course that led him to decide against his principles but too frightened to take the full responsibility himself.

YJ continue to live strong, she took care of her father, try to find odd jobs. And all this while MH continue to stalk her. He seemed he can't live his life not knowing or seeing where she is. He even followed her in the grocery store and bumped into her but because there are so many things running in her mind, she did not look at him, even recognized him. I have a feeling that more than obsessing towards YJ, MH is beginning to be more curious about her. As a person, as a woman, as a mother and as a daughter. He looks at her sometimes with wonder he doesn't noticed he frowned or looked mad when he sees her and DH.

Meanwhile Se Yeon continue to be the fiancee of MH. She loves him but haven't had the courage to confess. She even visited JH and asked her to let MH go. Clearly, she is waiting for MH. But it is interesting to note that everytime DH and SY would cross path, there is an air of lightness between them. They can carry a friendly conversation and I think SY found in him a soulmate. Because he seemed to read her mind, her emotions, understand her.

This is getting complicated. The four of them will surely be in a mess love relationship. While MH continue to feed his curiosity and follow every YJ activities, he will not be able to give his undivided attention to SY. And DH will certainly provide it for her.

At the party where SY is the host, YJ was one of the waiting ladies hired. MH behind it. He is expecting to see her and maybe play with her emotions. But DH saw her earlier and told her to go home and he will find her a better job. When SY sang, at the end of the song she said the words I LOVE YOU, expecting MH to be there still and hearing her words of confession among the sea of visitors. But at that time Kwang Soo whispered to MH that YJ left. MH turned around not giving any thought to SY but just walked away. When she opened her eyes, MH no longer there, instead it was DH standing and maybe understanding her humiliation. She walked away.

YJ found thugs in the store and they bullied her wanting to know where her father was because of money issues. Just on time, MH walked in and with a few words the thugs left with KS. YJ was surprised to see him there and when asked why, he finally told her the reason. The reason why he wants her to suffer. And the building is in MH name. He bought it already without her knowing.

The feud will continue until when, I hope it won't be too late to fall in love.

This is another great episode of Secret. Secrets keep filing up, just my instinct. And it will be a surprise when they all revealed as the story progress. The momentum is high and it keeps me gripping my chair while watching. Truly, a great drama.

mslee1107 writing

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