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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Ep. 20 Good Doctor Final Screencaps - A Story of Triumph

At last! I finished watching this drama. I still remember the first time I made screen caps for episode 1, I was not so sure if I would be able to continue, with my fear of bloods and seeing operation scenes. But I endured and mslee is happy that with a drama conquering fears, somehow, I do, too. Well, just for movies.:))

A story of triumph for all characters. Park Si On found his place in the hospitals full of discrimination on his disability as a resident doctor. In this final episode, he was awarded a certificate recognizing him as a full pledge resident of the hospital. A dream that was hard to achieve from the beginning.

A bromance that blossomed between Kim Do Han and Park Si On is a heartwarming  story. A successful surgeon accepted Si On after sometime and gave him a place in the OR. A Hyung and Dongsaeng relationship that flourished, both loosing a brother and finding that bond between them. 

A story of love. Cha Yoon Seo acknowledge her heart and what it tells her. Disregarding what others say, she completely opened her arms to Si On and accept him as an equal, as a boyfriend without fear. An unusual relationship if standards are to be measured. But all is fair in love and people are free to express their love to whoever they want to. 

Likewise to Kim Do Han and Chae Kyung who found their way back into the relationship. The feelings from the beginnings was remembered. Misunderstandings were ironed out.

This last episode was a success. In Hye came out from her operation with some problems but in the end she healed. The hospital even though has problems in administrations came up with possible means to get by and continue to give medical support to whoever needs it.

as mslee, I may have my own OTP, it may not have come true in the end, but still, the story gave me smiles while watching the final episode. 

Good Doctor did not disappoint me as a viewer. The essence of the story is intact until the very end. And this is what matters most.

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final screen caps..:))

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