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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Episode 19 Good Doctor Screen caps

Just a short recap about our resident OTP.

CYS finally accepted her growing feelings towards PSO. She knew it won't be easy but she decided to go on and take each day as it comes. PSO is of course happy but a little nervous and anxious of what others will say.

 So in a get together, CYS announced her relationship with PSO. Although the atmosphere became a bit surprising for everyone, they are happy for them, But the rumors spread in the hospital. Kim Do Han was quiet for a while but in the end supported the two.

for Yoon Seo/Si On shippers, guess they got their happy ending...:)

one more episode tonight and it's done!

1 comment:

  1. dear Sunbae, Im so glad I watched this drama Sunbae. I met Joo Won, and Moon Chae Won, and The Handsome Prof Do Han and the whole crew... and is it just me being already biased but in the last 2 episodes, everybody seems more handsome than usual :DDD

    I am all warm and fuzzy now Sunbae :DD I am on cloud no 9. I am overwhelmed and I am satisfied. After watching eps 19, I said out loud, dear PDnim and writer, please, pleassssssssssssssssee wrap this lovely drama nicely and just leave us feeling all warm and cosy, and not only did I get it, I got more than what I expected. I got I InHae all well and cheerful again, I got some nurse romance :DD, I got loads of unpredictable dates <3<3 and a proclamation kekekeke... :DD... but most importantly I got a super duper adoraaable peck, a proposal, a bromance, and a poster come to life.

    So thanks again Sunbae, and thanks for letting me comment from A to Z here. mslee Sunbae Jjang ! :DD

    MTT here we come ! I ll be following you on Soompi OK Sunbae !