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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jung So Min Photos and New Drama Updates!


Jung So Min facebook update 131006 

Caption: KBS드라마스페셜 '나에게로와서별이되었다' 첫 촬영날이에요! 새벽 3시에 일어나서 헤롱헤롱..@_@ 그래도 설렘설렘하는 마음으로 즐겁게 촬영하고 있어요. 가을날 아련한 멜로예요. 황인혁감독님과 김민정작가님과 김지석선배와 함께해요. 기대해주세요^^
11월3일 11시35분 방송입니다. 많은 시청 부탁드려요! > <

when mslee tried google trans it read this way...

KBS drama special 'or come by was egero' first day's shooting! I get up at 3:00 in the morning herong herong still tingle tingle .. @ _ @ I'm shooting with a great delight. Melo's hazy autumn day. Senior director and Kim Min Jung Kim Ji-suk hwanginhyeok jakganim and I'm with. Please expect ^ ^
11:35, November 03, is broadcast. I'm begging you more viewing! > <

and so I surmise that there is a special drama that she is filming and will be on air Nov. 03!

Fantastic! Will wait for this.

Just found this update!

Updated: '나에게로 와서 별이 되었다' (You Came To Me and Became A Star) is scheduled to air on Nov 3rd 2013 at 11:35 PM. Cast: Kim Ji Suk 김지석 and Jung So Min 정소민

Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min to act in a melodrama for KBS drama special.
김지석·정소민, KBS 단막극 주인공 '멜로호흡'

Another sighting/photo of So Min at L'inoui


cute So Min...

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