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Thursday, May 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Episode 7 Screen caps Review

The episode started with a young woman asking for help to look for someone called Professor. He is missing for a few days now. The young woman approached Gil Soo Hyun but did not leave any more clues. the only intriguing hint she told him was that he will know more when he finds Professor.

Who is Professor?

A student who was kicked out of school. He also has issues at home. He is the typical teenager who is lost and wanting to run away and find new "home". Seo Joon run through the computer and found out about Lee Dong Woo. Looking for more clues, the team started to work. It's not an ordinary missing person case. After they dig a little further, it turned out that Lee Dong Woo could be someone linked to a series of murder that happened recently.

Was Lee Dong Woo really the killer?

His body was found out by the police a few nights after. He was already dead. The case got more complicated. Seo Joon found out that before Lee Dong Woo disappeared, he was always in an internet cafe. There, he was chatting to someone named mom94. Looking through the messages exchanged, it talked about finding home. mom94 promised him that he is welcome and that he won't feel abandoned.

The story led Seo Joon to go back to her past that she already tried to forget. She was once among those lost teenagers that sought 'home'. GSH and ODY went to see the autopsy of LDW body. There they found a tattoo on his neck. Soo Hyun remembered he saw the same tattoo at Seo Joon's nape. He kept that information to himself. He went to see Seo Joon who already saw the image of an old friend, Ban Hyo Jeong at the crime scene just before LDW's body was found out.

Soo Hyun asked her about her tattoo. He knew something about it and told her it was a code meaning HOME. Seo Joon's past was played on the screen. She also sought home and became one of the young adults under ban Hyo Jeong's group. That time they were into petty crimes like extortion. That reality was too difficult for Se Joon to stomach that she left the group. She decided to get back on track and that was the time she became a police woman. Unknown to her, Ban Hyo Jeong found out about her and tried to see her but she acted like a stranger.

The team found out the hideout of the runaway kids but the place was already abandoned. They must have found out that the police is now involved in tracking who killed LDW. The owner of the building told Soo Hyun that he let the kids stay because he was once like them.

The confusing part of the investigation was that LDW did not match up to the DNA of the killer on the serial murders. There is someone other than him. His mobile phone's last conversation was to mom94 / Hyo Jeong telling her he could not keep the promise. It seemed that LDW was on the brink of confessing to the police about the murder. 

The team and Seo Joon realized that this HOME is not the same home she joined then. It seemed that this group has now dreams and they live happily in this place. The signs are everywhere in the hideout. It was not a place for young criminals but for young dreamers.

 Hyo Jeong was looking also for the one who killed LDW. There was another person in the group called GOD, Yang Jong Ho He was also one of the smart students in the group. There was a small incident that happened in a convenience store where YJH worked. He was charged with assault and the owner wanted a settlement, means big money. They don't have money. YJH found means to settle the problem he caused. He also gave Hyo Jeong some more for the kids. They argued about it. She knew he did something in return for the money. LDW that time was already missing. 

To cut the story short, YJH worked as a killer, a middleman do the transactions for him. LDW was dragged in the situation because he found out but he never killed. Now the ODY and GSH are both looking for this middleman that turned this kid into a killer.

The surprising part, it was the building owner. Hyo Jeong learned when she found out YJH's body and he was clutching a clue of who killed him. Hyo Jeong went to meet the owner. He was also prepared, ready to strangle her. But she was able to  outbalance him and hit him numerous times and put a knife on his neck. that was when the team arrived at the scene. Seo Joon begged her not to do it. It was a very intense moment. Soo Hyun saw that the man was trying to grab a piece of glass on the floor while others were asking Hyo Jeong to give up. It was the time to move, time to pull the trigger to prevent further accidents. But because Oh has been asked to look out for Soo Hyun, he also searched on his previous works and what happened that he has doubts on Soo Hyun. Now, seeing him ready to pull the trigger, he pushed him as he fired the gun just as the man slashed Hyo Jeong's neck with the glass he had on his hand.

That moment can not be rescued anymore. The moment when acting on decisions were too late, causing more accidents in turn is going to haunt them all. BHJ died, not before she gave something to Seo Joon.

At the interrogation room, Soo Hyun was so mad that he choked the man, almost killing him while giving out a warning then looking through the mirror where Oh was at the other side. Oh was guilty. He should have seen what Soo Hyun had seen. Soo Hyun asked him why he did  not trust him. 


The episode towards the end is intense. I have always asked for a conflict between Oh and GSH. because they have a good working relationship that it was surreal. Oh has always been intrigue by Soo Hyun but was unable to voice out his thoughts in front of him. Some incidents in the past had accumulated to make Oh suspicious of Soo Hyun. enough not to trust him. Now that he made a mistake, his doubts about him were in the open but it seemed that Soo Hyun already suspected Oh of doubting him.

I think this sudden shift in their working relationship and as partners will awkward but for Oh, this will make him trust Soo Hyun more than ever seeing that he acts with reason. This episode is also tough on Soo Hyun because it seemed that he is also wanting to find out about someone. It can be connected to him and how he lost his family.

It's good that Seo Joon's story is now shown. 

The episode is again heartbreaking. The kids are lost but they found each other and strength to move forward. Sometimes what they could not find at home, they find it with people who are also seeking warmth from other people.

Now I am certainly anticipating more of Gil Soo Hyun's back story.


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