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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Falling For Innocence Review - Lee Joon Hee, The Kind of Villain That Makes My Blood Boil

This weekend's episode are quite tough for Kang Min Ho. What he has become now is thanks to Soon Jung. And he acknowledges that fact. The moment he took over the company and decided to run it, was the moment Lee Joon Hee's greed and jealousy are fueled.

Everything is not going the way Min Ho wants. The company is not yet stable. He invested all his assets in the company for the launching of a new product that will surely help the company back on the right track. The employees at the middle factory are all busy producing the product. But it is not enough.

Of course, the villain will not take these all sitting down. Recently in k-dramaland, Lee Joon Hee has become the most vindictive and ambitious man that everything he does or say makes me cringe with anger. Talk about being affected by a character in a drama! Yes, Lee Joon Hee is the kind of villain that makes my blood boil. I guess the writer is successful in creating such a character to complicate the story, to make Min Ho lose his mind and to make every single moment tough for Min Ho.

Lee Joon Hee's greed is taking one step upwards. He has talked with the investors, bribe them even hinder the agency [here in our country it's food and drug agency] handling the license for this business from giving go ahead signal with the production of the product and making sure that there will be no one to help the company at this time.

Lee Joon Hee will take control of the new product and the company if the company won't be able to produce the product in two days. This is getting personal on the part of Joon Hee. He wants revenge. He is also not liking that Soon Jung is getting closer to Min Ho and helping him solve the crisis.

It was like everything is falling apart and Min Ho is helpless. He thinks that whatever he did in the past are all coming back to him and it hurts. But then Soon Jung is strong and she supports him so that he will not give up.

Again, back to Joon Hee, I feel that the writer is not yet  in using him to make more troubles. The fact that he killed his friend Dong Wook is not having any effect on him at all. His conscience is not eben guilty about it. The moment he realized Min Ho got his heart from Dong Wook became another useful weapon for him to use against Min Ho. The disturbing scene was when he took out the photo of Dong Wookm and did not feel any remorse or even scared at seeing his friend's photo again that reminds him of his evil deed.

Joon Hee will push the limit until he can evade justice. Seeing his smirks on the screen makes me want to fast forward the scene. His annoying and irritating schemes are really amazing to the point of hating him.

But Min Ho of course is the lead character. On the brink of kneeling down on front of Joon Hee, my prayers were heard that somehow, someone should by now save him. Yes! The halmonie in the red bean soup came. She is a wealthy old lady. The background story, Min Ho's father helped her and her son when life was to tough to handle. She almost gave up on life but Min Ho's father helped them. Now she learned he was the son and it is time to gave back what she received. Time to help in return.

I was so grinning widely when the scene unfolded. The halmonie was tough against Joon Hee and Han Ji Hyun. She told them to get out of the office. Lol! In your face!

Well, this is not the end for Joon Hee. He is striking again. The good thing, Min Ho saw the watch Joon Hee wore and it was the one in his dreams. He told him he knew that he killed Dong Wook. Joon Hee was flustered but denied in the end.

Na Ok Hyun could not believe Min Ho. He seemed like a crazy one but then she can't just let his conviction aboout Dong Wook's death put aside. But then I think she also suspected Joon Hee until now. She just needs strong proof.

To break Soon Jung and Min Ho's closeness, Joon Hee let out the secret of his heart donor by scheming and reporting to the police that Min Ho bribed someone to look for his heart donor and his family. It is of course unethical and there is a policy that donors and recipient are not to know one another to avoid familiarity of holding on to the one who got the transplant. Min Ho was asked to go to the police. Soon Jung was told by Joon Hee that Min Ho got into trouble.

The moment she heard Dong Wook's name as the donor of Min Ho, everything will change. I think the writer will put a strain in the beautiful relationship that is blooming between Min Ho and Soon Jung. When she is ready to start again, this happened. Will she think that his feelings are not real and not his?

So this is the dirty tactic of Joon Hee. To make Soon Jung step away from Min Ho. Does he think she will go to him because of this? I am waiting for the time she will know that Joon Hee killed Dong Wook. The betrayal will be big and unforgivable.

For a villain like Joon Hee that makes me mad, he is currently toping the list.

well, this is my thoughts on episodes 11 and 12.

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