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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Scholar Who Walks The Night Episode 19 Highlights

A week late post but then, I am not really doing weekly or per episode post on this drama. It's just that I think these highlights of the episode are all worth sharing.

One highlights that really caught my attention in this episode was when the Queen died unintentionally [I believe] because she was caught between the fight of the King and Gwii. That moment when she stabbed him in the back, of course, he lost all his reasons and as he turned around lashed at her. It was an instinctive move by Gwii and she got the brunt of his wrath.

I felt a little pity or some kind of understanding for Gwii as he laid her inside that underground cave. He really mourned her death and that I found sweet and sincere. Maybe it is too late to ship the Queen and the evil vampire..[lol] but then, I felt his lost more than the King's lost when she died in his arms.

The years she spent beside Gwii as a forced spy or offering by her father somehow built a strong attachment between them or maybe on Gwii's side. Yes, I felt the sadness when Gwii asked who would make sarcastic remarks on him now that she has gone. It only emphasized how big he had grown to like her. The way he thought he foresee her by his side for a thousand years more...

Moving on to the big battle ahead, the explosives are the only alternative for Sung Yeol to defeat Gwii even if it means he will also die with him. As for the romance, personally, it somehow died down, maybe 4 episodes back because the focus really of the story is about how to end Gwii's power.

B ut of course, there are still sweet moments between Yang Sun and Sung Yeol. Their kisses which are something I honestly look forward to to satisfy my romantic feels for them as the ultimate OTP of the series.

Finally finding the time to write something about this drama. I will surely miss this one. 



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