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Thursday, July 7, 2016

160707 Airport Fashion - In Black #anotherohhaeyoung Eric and Seo Hyun Jin

Back in Korea 160707 the lead stars of hit drama Another Oh Hae Young Eric and Seo Hyun Jin spotted arriving at Incheon with other cast members.

Because of rumors surfacing yesterday in the news, it is no wonder that these two look serious and as news cited, went in opposite direction. Well it is never a surprise because perhaps their waiting cars are in different directions outside. But it would have been nice if there were no rumors of them being a couple after spending a nice vacation with the team. It was really great seeing photos of all them laughing and having great time. But well, the rumors and denials somehow soured the ending of their vacation. Hoping that friendship will not be broken.

My shipping heart will always hope... because there is no harm in dreaming.
And..they both look good in black.


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