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Saturday, August 9, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] It's Okay This is Love - My 2nd Impression Sometimes Are Better

For the first 2 episodes, I felt lost while watching the drama. Maybe it was too chaotic for my taste. I could not find the entertainment it was supposed to show. Even the presence of Lee Kwang Soo could not make me laugh. I thought the drama was too silly for a start. Maybe it's the theme of the story about psychiatry. Then I could not also find the amazing chemistry between Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin, which makes the drama fell short of my expectations. Since Gong Hyo Jin had had an incredible on screen chemistry with her previous colleagues, I put a lot of faith in this drama only to feel disappointed after watching back to back pilot episodes.

I decided not to write my first impression of the drama. I left it at episode 2 for awhile, finishing and catching up on other dramas. But every week, I downloaded the episodes and just let it saved on my laptop. I am just waiting if my impression will alter once I re watch the drama.

Tonight, I decided to watch episodes 3 and 4. Towards the middle of watching episode 3 I had my own guess about the characters. Although it is already given that Ji Hae Soo [GHJ] is the doctor while Jang Jae Yeol [JIS] is the writer and part time DJ. There was this part whenever he met up with Han Gang Woo, who seems to be one of his fans, someone who wants to follow him and be a writer as well, I suddenly remember my all time favorite drama Good Will Hunting. Gang Woo's story seems like Will's, someone who accidentally stab a stepfather and it lingered on him and became his scar inside.

Somehow, the story opened a new perspective to me and became interesting as bit by bit, I came to understand the characters portraying in the drama. I had a feeling at the end of episode 4 which I felt at the middle of episode 3 that Gang Woo is the young version of Jae Yeol. 

The interesting part of the series is that every character has his own weakness, own pains, own struggles that he/she tries to keep within to live a normal life. Hae Soo treats patients with mental illness but she has her own issues which she has not yet conquered and treated. Jae Yeol let out his frustrations and inner thoughts through writings, mostly dark thoughts. He is also obsessive.

Suddenly I found myself revising my impression. I just have to give the drama time to develop, progress and be more focus while watching each characters. The drama is not about comedy and the laughs it may deliver. The drama is about finding love while conquering fears. But it is not a struggle one must endure solely. I think the story will show that together or even as a group, these people will find their own therapy and the best treatment for what ails them.

I am now intrigue on Jae Yeol's past and hidden or suppressed emotions. I guess he has been in control of his emotions since that painful incident during his adolescence. Ironic that the people who can give proper treatment or diagnose is also someone who suffers a different kind of mental stress.

Suddenly, I am entertained with every scene of Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. The more I appreciate the story, the chemistry blooms around them. The little actions like aegyo, Jae Yeol dancing, Hae Soo smiling, flirty towards each other became fascinating.

I believe this drama will be a heartwarming journey to discovering what love and happiness they can still achieve in the midst of chaotic world they live in. I change my entire first impression.  I find this drama amazing and looking for more twists. Well, sometimes, 2nd impressions are much better. :))

Glad it is not too late for me to give another chance for this drama.


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